I Could Have Been Annoyed…But Why?


After 10 hours of sleep last night, I was ready to go.  Several months ago Kathy and I made reservations for the Dauphin County/Lebanon County Retired School Professionals Brunch.  It happened to be today.

The food was delicious and the presentation on travel by two AAA travel agents was interesting and informative.

After we ate and a little bit of shopping in K Mart we got on I-81 and headed north toward home.  I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t read the notice that was flashing.  I paid no attention to the state police cruiser with flashing lights and facing the northbound traffic.  It wasn’t until we were stopped in traffic that we both realized what was happening.

Penn DOT was getting 81 ready for roadwork in the south bound lane that will take place over the next 9 months.  Jersey barriers were being put in place so the south bound traffic can be rerouted onto the north bound lanes.

We could have gotten off at Lebanon and taken an alternate route home had we paid attention.  I could have been annoyed that the state police didn’t direct us off 81, but I wasn’t.

After all, we had a delicious lunch so I wasn’t hungry.  We made a pit stop before we got onto 81 so I wasn’t uncomfortable.  We knew what the hold up was so thankfully there was no accident where someone might have been hurt traveling for the weekend.  There was no place we had to be so we weren’t pressed for time.  With the speed we were all going there was no way we would be pulled over for speeding.

The nice thing about traveling at that slow speed was that we were able to observe.  The lacy leaves on the trees gave a hint of the lush foliage that would be there soon.  Although most vehicles had PA plates there were some out of state ones that passed us as well. There were plates from New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, and even one from Quebec.  Hope they all had safe travels.

We saw some truckers stop to push a car that had overheated to the side of the road so it wouldn’t be blocking the passing lane.  One thing we did not see was any aggressive driving.  Everyone seemed to take the delay in stride.

Yes, it took an hour to travel what usually takes 10 minutes.  Yes, I could have been annoyed that we didn’t get off and go home a different way.  But if we had, I think of the things we would not have seen.  Besides, it was a beautiful day just to be out.


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18 responses to “I Could Have Been Annoyed…But Why?

  1. Love your attitude! Why get aggravated, when there’s nothing pressing at home. Taking the time to notice the surroundings is always fun.

  2. “A beautiful day just to be out…” I know I could use some of your patience and positivity. I am always in a rush. Next time, I will remember this slice!

  3. There’s nothing like recent serious surgery to make one grateful to “be out” just doing anything! Glad you were able to appreciate your new freedom and just enjoy the ride!

  4. What a great way to look at a delay. It is easy to get frustrated by a delay, but you took time to “make lemonade”.

  5. rosecappelli

    What a wonderful positive attitude. Life, even all of its frustrations, needs to be appreciated. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I used to be so impatient at times like this, but in the past few years I have realized that it is best to take things in stride. Sometimes it is nice to just go with the slow flow and open our eyes. So nice to have a nice ride on a beautiful day.

  7. All in all it sounds like a wonderful day. I liked how you wished all of the out-of-state drivers safe-travels and that everyone seemed to be taking “the delay in stride”. It really does seem like we’d miss something if we always took the most efficient way.

  8. I am glad those New Jersey drivers behaved themselves…they rarely do here in New Jersey. 🙂

  9. Judy c.

    An enjoyable day. Good meeting,good food and a delightful day inspite of the delay of traffic.

  10. I just looked through a sale rack yesterday while out shopping & saw this sign from the Christmas stuff, yes, still out: “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.” It may be old, but I hadn’t seen it before. I think that’s what you wrote so beautifully, why get all upset, enjoy the ride. I love that you did!

  11. My step-dad always used to ask, “Will it matter in a hundred years?” Annoyance wouldn’t add anything lasting & worthwhile…but look what you gained by choosing to enjoy the time.

  12. I see you’ve had a wonderfully full day and a late post as well. Understanding sometimes life is going to throw those curve balls at you, but it’s only when you duck do you notice the flowers growing down field.

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