Quilt Show Part 2


Here are some more quilts form the Lancaster Quilt show.

This first quilt I find rather unusual because each of the circles in the spiral is individually appliqued in place.  I would not have the patience to do something like this.

Lancaster 9

Scenic quilts are usually big at shows like this.  To me, the blues are calming and relaxing.

Lancaster 10

Hard to see the pattern in this because of the colors, but I can see roses in the design.

Lancaster 11

Here is another modernistic quilt.  As you can see, it is also an award winner.

Lancaster 12

What would a show be without at least one depiction of underwater life?

Lancaster 13

Here’s one for your math people.  Can you find the different shapes used in this quilt?

Lancaster 14

This one has 12,000 pieces in it.  I am not about to count so I will take their word for it.

Lancaster 15

This Egyptian one I have seen before at another show.

Lancaster 16

This last quilt is a whole cloth quilt with trapunto.  It is just one piece of fabric.

Lancaster 17

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the quilt show.The next local show will be held at York in May.  I know I will be able attend that one.  More pictures then.



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16 responses to “Quilt Show Part 2

  1. I was excited when I saw the word quilt show because I knew you would include pics. It’s amazing to see the talent of these quilters. I’m in awe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I certainly enjoyed the quilt show today! My favorite was the math-inspired quilt with all the shapes (even though I am TERRIBLE at math). I liked the color combinations and the repeating patterns. My Granny Faye made me a quilt in a traditional pattern called “Trip Around the World.”

  3. Judy C.

    Kathy did a great job taking photos for you. These quilts are absolutely beautiful. I don’t have the patience for all those little pieces – to cut and then put together.

  4. Another wow – the workmanship and patience required for these is awe inspiring.

  5. Spectacular. I can’t imagine sewing 12,000 pieces, or appliquéing those tiny circles.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed seeing these thanks for sharing!

  7. rosecappelli

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures! And kudos to Kathy, the photographer. Even though you couldn’t be there in person, it looks like you enjoyed it virtually.

  8. Alice Nine

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I knew a wise lady who if you were struggling with stuff would invite you over to quilt with her… somehow the quilting, the cup of tea, and the listening she provided put lots of things into perspective. It was the older generation helping the younger.

  9. Such talent in stitching but also in selecting the right fabric color and pattern. Awesome!

  10. That first quilt makes me a little dizzy. I love the math quilt, and the roses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of these Bob. I am in awe with the creativity and design.

  11. Great pictures again. I always try to pick a favorite, but it is really difficult. The 12,000 piece one is amazing and I like the colors. But I also like the underwater life one! Love to see your quilt posts.

  12. Boy – these are very different! I love seeing them and I can’t image the quilt with 12,000 pieces – really!!

  13. The trapunto is so elegant!

  14. Again, I’m in awe, who knew quilts could be so artistic? I also really enjoy your commentary on the pictures.

  15. What a beautiful array of quilts. You got to have your won private showing – as did we. Thank you

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