Quilt Show Part 1


As I said yesterday, I was not able to make it to the Lancaster Quilt Show this year.  Other things were happening instead.  However, Kathy did get down and she took some pictures for me so that I could share them today and tomorrow.  Yes, I am going to make this last for two posts.

I looking over the pictures she took, I noticed that there are more artsy quilts than traditional ones.  I don’t think there is any quilt here I would place on the bed.  I am sure the cats wouldn’t mind, but I could do it.

Since Kathy is at a doctor’s appointment as I write this I don’t have her commentary on the quilts so you will just have to put up with my comments on each one.

To start off I thought I would show you a 3-in -1 quilt.  If you read my quilt show posts last year you may remember one quilt that was actually three different pictures depending on the angle from which it was viewed.  Last year it was Jackie Kennedy, Mother Theresa, and Oprah.  The same lady was back with another one this year.  Here ae the three angles on one quilt.

Lancaster 1

From this angle you can see Starry Night.

Lancaster 2

Looking head on you can see the touching hands.

Lancaster 3

From the third angle you can see The Scream.

Flowers always seem to be a popular theme for quilts.  Here are two.  One is  more stylized than the other.

Kathy knows I like lions so here is one she took for me.

Lancaster 6

Many quilt artists like abstract designs.

Lancaster 7

An of course there is always at least one depicting the human form.

Lancaster 8

Tomorrow I will share the rest of the pictures Kathy took.


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22 responses to “Quilt Show Part 1

  1. The trip-tic quilt fascinates me. I didn’t realize quilters make those, but it does make sense. I used to have students make trip-tic images based on poetry.

  2. Barbara Suter

    I’m a traditionalist when it comes to quilts so I prefer the one that looks like the inside of a cathedral with those arches. The others seem so odd to me…I can’t even imagine how they are considered quilts! Interesting…

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I had no idea the detail that could be quilted – I’m amazed! I like the quilt with the colorful flowers. My son would love the lion.

  4. That 3 in 1 is amazing artistry, and I love the others’s creativity. My granddaughter Ingrid would love the lion because she’s studying big cats this year. But in all I prefer the traditional for my bed and dining table. I have often used a quilt for the table, and right now I have a lovely old nine-patch on it. It reminds me of times gone by. Thanks for sharing again. I always love the show. You should also show some of Kathy’s latest!

    • Right now Kathy has two quilts she is working on. With my many doctor visits O am keeping her away from the quilting. Hopefully things will settle a bit and she can get back to them. I will post pictures when they are completed.

  5. I love how the 3-in-1 Quilt captures two of my favorite paintings: Starry Night and The Scream. And of course, the Sistine Chapel. Would never have thought of them for quilt projects! Great visuals. But there is something about the old family quilts that have been pieced together from outgrown clothes, old sheets, curtains, fabrics with our own personal DNA in them that speak to me of more than beauty.

  6. The triple view quilt is amazing! I can’t imagine the intricacies involved in getting that just right. I appreciate the talent of the quilter, because I have no talent when it comes to needle and thread. Glad you were able to get the photos off her phone and to your computer.

  7. Thanks to you and Kathy for making our annual trip to the quilt show possible once again. I echo Linda…we want to see what Kathy is working on these days, too.

  8. These quilts are amazing! True works of art. I don’t know which I liked best….maybe the lion. So glad your kitties are helping Kathy take care of you and that you are doing well.

  9. Wow, a quilt as a tri-pict. Now that is creative in thought and especially execution. The patience and attention to detail is outstanding. They are all quite some amazing quilts. But like you, not exactly ones that would adorn my bed.

  10. Wow, these are amazing, Bob! I am always blown away by the creativity and vision of these quilters.

  11. Extraordinary art on display at the Quilt Show! I had never stopped to consider how quilt designs can span such a huge range…still both functional and beautiful. This slice makes me wish my grandmothers were still around. I’d definitely give each of them a call and say, “You won’t believe the quilt pictures I just saw!”

  12. The 3-in-1 quilt was so interesting, I have no idea how someone could create that!

  13. Amy

    Wow! These are very unique and non-traditional quilts. Lancaster is my neighboring city so I am so familiar with the Amish and quilts but this is not what I expected. Looking forward to seeing more!

  14. Thanks for sharing these. I grew up in a town with an annual Mennonite quilt auction. There was never anything this fancy. I, too, prefer traditional quilts, but I am very impressed with the artistry of these quilts.

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