One thing I like about this March challenge is that when we get to the middle of the month and I am grappling for ideas for a daily post something takes place.  March is the month when the first national quilt show takes place in Lancaster, PA.  This is about an hour and a half drive from our house.

Since I retired three years ago I have always gone to the show with Kathy.  This is one of her favorites because it is a chance to see in person the award winning quilts she has seen pictures of in the magazines.  It is also the place to see what the new tools of the trade are.  The fact that there is a restaurant that serves a delicious lunch right in the building doesn’t hurt either.

This show was always good for at least three posts for the month.  This year I didn’t go.  Bummer.  I didn’t think I had it in me  to be among the jostling crowd so soon after surgery.  I wasn’t sure how I would hold up walking the floor even though there are places to sit.

I didn’t want Kathy to miss it so I told her to go.  I knew I would be fine at home with my three nursemaids.  So, after breakfast on Friday Kathy got herself ready and headed to Lancaster, camera in hand.

She said that she would take some pictures so that I could share them in my blog even though I wasn’t there.  This would work for me.  Problem.  We didn’t recharge the batteries Thursday night.  As a result, when Kathy went to take a picture the camera wouldn’t work.  Bummer.  To make things worse, there was no place in the building where you could purchase new batteries.  Double bummer.

The only thing left for her to do was pull out her phone and snap pictures with it.  This sounds simple enough, however Kathy has never uses the camera in her phone.  This was an experience for her.

Anyway, she did manage to get some pictures.  Now she has to figure out how to get them from her camera to my laptop.  Luckily I can help her with this.

So, this means that I just might have some pictures to share with you in a future post.  Hopefully I will be able to make next year’s show.


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22 responses to “Bummer

  1. Bob,
    You can do this! I don’t even use a camera anymore as the phone’s camera is better than any one I have ever used! The camera story was still good for a post so today is taken care of! ❤

  2. Oh! I was looking forward to new quilt pictures this year. I hope you can move those pictures. Sorry you couldn’t go but I am sure you will find plenty to post about! Take Care of yourself!

  3. I’ve loved every time you have shared about that quilt show, so hope you’ll be able to do the tech & move the pictures. Sorry you missed. I know that you had beautiful stories to tell in other years. Next time!

  4. Some years are like that. My “lost” year, due to illness, was last year. I had to give up a lot of things I would have enjoyed doing. But my main focus was survival, and now it is recovery. Just like you. So, try to relax…there’s plenty of stuff waiting for you to reconnect with, and even some new experiences you haven’t even thought of yet!
    I love quilts so I’m looking forward to some pix, if and when it happens.

  5. rosecappelli

    I just use my phone for pictures, too, now! So much easier and the pictures always look good. I just email them to myself from the phone, then download them to the computer. So Kathy should be able to email them to you. Hope you are continuing to feel better every day!

  6. The story of not going was one you wouldn’t have had if you had attended, so you found your first of three NEW topics. Maybe another about transferring the pictures to your computer? You are good at capturing moments so I trust you’ll find a third… and many others. I wish you good health and a speedy recovery.

  7. I was wondering if you were going to be able to make it to the quilt show. Sorry you had to miss the show and the meal that always went with it. When I was taking pictures of the orchids, I was thinking of you and the quilts. Glad you are feeling better.

  8. My grandparents used to live in Wrightsville, just across the Susquehanna from Lancaster. How I long for a visit to Amish Country! I hope you will add photos. I can only imagine how hard it must be to stay home to recuperate Feel better soon. .

  9. emily1103

    I can sympathize–but I don’t take pictures of things because I am absent-minded and forget. I would love to hear a narrative about your favorite quilt one day in a post, so I can see if I can visualize it, and then see the photo the next day, to see how close I am!

  10. Amy

    When I saw your title I immediately thought you were going to share that you weren’t going to NYC! I absolutely adore quilts so I will anxiously be awaiting those photos.

  11. I’m sorry you had to miss the quilt show! I still remember your posts and pictures from last year. Both my grandmothers were quilters; so quilts have a special place in my home and heart. It stinks to look forward to an event and then have to miss it; but I’m so glad you’re healing from your surgery. Next year, you’ll be back at the quilt show…better than ever!

  12. Judy c.

    So Glad that kathy was able to attend and get some pics. There will always be more quilt shows. Your recovery is more important at this time. But I do know how much you missed dining out.

  13. This made a perfect slice – even without the photos! Great that your wife made it to the show but bummer indeed you couldn’t. But your recovery will soon be complete.

  14. My mother loves to quilt. I went with her to a quilting party, but now she can’t go back anymore because of health issues too. I loved going with her. She is such a talented quilter. Sorry you missed out on your annual trip too; but, it was nice you encouraged her to go ahead. Maybe next year you can go together again. Can’t wait to see the pictures of you get to write a slice on them too.

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