Night Sights and Sounds


When I first returned home from the hospital, I decided to sleep in my recliner rather than try getting into and out of bed.  That just seemed like too much work at the time.

I have always been a good sleeper but for some reason I was usually awake around 1:30 AM.  I’m sure the water pill I take has nothing to do with it.

Anyway, after my trip I don’t usually settle back to sleep immediately.  As I sat in the recliner I looked at the sights around me and listened to the sounds of the house…sounds that are always there just heightened at this time of morning.

The first sound I am aware of is the loud click as the lamp on the timer turns off at 1:30.  This plunges me into darkness until my eyes readjust to their surroundings.  It is then I notice three colored lights.  One red. One white. One blue.

The red light tells me that the TV is turned off.  The white is just the clock on out Comcast box.  the blue lets me know that the box is receiving power.

I then hear a sound that is constantly there yet amplified during these early morning hours.  It is the battery operated clock ticking away the seconds in the kitchen.  Tick…tick…each one precise.  Hopefully I won’t hear too many of them before I fall asleep.

In the quiet of the night a lone vehicle travels the road in front of our house.  Usually this roadway is heavily traveled during the day, but at this time traffic is sparse.

The last sound I hear before falling back to sleep is the heavy, steady breathing of a cat in deep sleep.  Could there be anything more relaxing as I close my eyes and drift off to part two of my sleep.


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14 responses to “Night Sights and Sounds

  1. What an interesting perspective, and a gift in the wee hours of the morning. I love when those moments come to us. I wonder, did you write your slice right away, jot a few notes, or wait until the morning to capture it?

  2. A peaceful description of deep night.

  3. Night surrounds you and brings an awareness to what has always been there, just never noticed. I hope you have many more nights where you can’t notice the sounds or sights because you are in deep slumber.

  4. Sounds like (pardon the pun) your evening is very peaceful, all in all. Having to adjust our normal way of doing things when we are ill or in recovery is one of the challenges and possible gifts we are given. We see and experience things so differently. You captured that perfectly.

  5. Love this post. Isn’t it fun what we can focus on and notice when we allow ourselves? My favorite had to be the “the heavy, steady breathing of a cat in deep sleep.” Best sound ever!

  6. Ahh yes, sleeping in the Lazy Boy. I’ve been there. Funny, in the living room the night was filled with sounds that I never heard anywhere else. Good to have the silence again. I hope your sleep improves Bob.
    Feel better,

  7. I hope this waking up at 1:30am will soon be gone, Bob. But it’s great to take the time to really listen to what’s there for you in what you thought was quiet. My family just talked about my father’s cuckoo clock that he built and loved. It was an “often” wake-up call for everyone, but cute in the daytime. BTW-I have those same lights here too.

  8. Judy C.

    At least you had no sounds that went “bump in the night” or sounds that you couldn’t identify. All of your sounds were soothing and allowed for a peaceful night. Love the heavy, steady breathing of a cat in deep sleep.

  9. rosecappelli

    Focusing on just one sense is always interesting. And I love how you described your cat’s breathing as al oat a lullaby.

  10. Amy

    It’s funny how things sound so different late in the night and how we can hone in on sounds we never notice during the day. Glad you had your furry friend with you!

  11. Those cats can be such company! Mine abandoned me in favor of my daughter who has been home for her spring break from college this week.
    P.S. You were so right about Sister Act. It was so entertaining!

  12. I’m sorry your sleep was interrupted; but I really enjoyed the slice about all these night (or early morning) sounds.

  13. I’ve only tried to sleep a few times in the recliner in the livingroom and it is such a different experience. Really enjoyed reading about the sounds and sights you experienced.

  14. I’m tickled that you know what each light is! I like being there with you in the recliner observing the nighttime sounds and happenings. The lone car driving the road stood out as a version of you, the lone one awake. Of course, you aren’t really alone-the cat’s with you.

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