How Can Something So Little…?


Last Thursday was the day our group of retired teachers picked to get together for our monthly lunch.  Because of all that was going on in December we skipped that month.  I was looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing about their holiday.

I woke up Thursday morning not feeling so well.  My stomach hurt.  I felt nauseous.  I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, or lie down comfortably.  Well,  it was only around 5 A.M. so hopefully it would pass by out 12:30 get together.

It didn’t.  After multiple trips to the bathroom with nothing happening I didn’t feel any better.  In fact, I felt worse.  Kathy had been sick the week before so I assumed I caught whatever she had.

When she got up I told her I would not be going to lunch.  Bummer!  Of course I would miss seeing my friends.  You know that I wasn’t going just because it meant a meal out.  Strange thing is, after I said that within a half hour the pain and discomfort was gone.

I still decided not to go just in case.  Instead, I had lunch with my good friend…the one in the red and white labeled can that had Chicken Noodle Soup printed on it.

Kathy came home, filled me in on lunch, and told me the date for next month’s get together.  Going to bed that night I felt fine just annoyed that I had missed out.

4:30 Friday morning.  The pain and discomfort are back with a vengeance.  I came out to the living room and sat in my recliner hoping it would ease the pain.  It didn’t.

I couldn’t stand it.  OK. I admit it.  When it comes to pain I am a wimp.  At 9:00 I decided to call the doctor’s office and see if someone could see me.  I didn’t car who at that point.  I was in luck.  One of the PAs had a 12:15 opening.  I took it.

After hearing my story she decided I needed a CAT scan.  By this time we both were pretty sure what was happening.  The office set me up for one at 3:30.  I went and the scan confirmed it.  I had a kidney stone lodged in my kidney and one lower in the urinary tract.  That was the one that was causing the pain.  I have never experienced such pain before.  I know there are other kinds of pain that are more severe than a kidney stone, but did I mention that I am a wimp when ti comes to pain?

Anyway, the stone did pass and now I feel much better.  I will spare you the details of the painful, burning feelings I felt.  I still marvel at how something so small can cause such great pain.

Hopefully I will be in better shape when February’s luncheon comes around.


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13 responses to “How Can Something So Little…?

  1. Glad it wasn’t something more serious. I hope never to experience what you’ve described. I thought perhaps it was your gall bladder, that can be just as miserable.

  2. I had a kidney stone at 18. I think that pain was as bad as childbirth if not worse, it just continues at least labor is intermittent. Drink lots of water and hope it never happens again!

  3. So glad that you are okay. One of my friends at my exercise place just went through that, & she said it was awful. Sorry you missed the meeting, happy you went to the doctor, & very happy that the saying “this too shall pass” is true!

  4. Oh! so sorry – you are no wimp they are painful. I had one very small one and ended up in the emergency room with spiking blood pressure due to pain. So glad you are through that and can move on more enjoyable events!

  5. I’m so glad you’re okay! I have had kidney stones; and the pain is excruciating!!!

  6. I have heard that kidney stones are incredibly painful. A few years ago, my 82 year old dad had a “tummy ache” that wouldn’t go away. They decided to go to the doctor after 3 days of pain. It turns out he had a perforated bowel and I was worried you had one too. I am glad you are OK now.

  7. So glad that you are better and having one of those stones is a very miserable painful thing. No wimp about it.

  8. Judy C.

    I’ve heard that kidney stones can cause an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. I’m glad that you are feeling better and hopefully won’t have to experience that again.

  9. I’ve heard kidney stones are awful. So glad yours passed. YIKES!

  10. I have never had one but I know many who have and they all say the pain is awful. Glad you are better and just think how much better that lunch will be next month!

  11. Oh boy, I had a sneaky suspicion as to what it may be when I first began reading…and then it was realized to be true. I’m sorry – those are very painful, indeed. But, now it’s gone and you can cancel plans for the lunch date with Campbells Soup of any variety!

  12. Glad you are better. Have a great time when the next lunch get-together comes around.

  13. I have actually heard those can be just a painful as child birth. Now, I’m not buying that at all, but I will say they are probably very painful. Glad you’re feeling better!

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