It is that time of year once again when many go around making resolutions for the new year.  Most are made in the good faith that they will be carried out.  Unfortunately, many don’t make it past the the first few weeks.

I thought long and hard ab out what resolutions I should make for 2016 and finally decided on some that I know I can keep. here is my list in no particular order.

  1.  I resolve to leave my fur on clothes – after all, what article of clothing doesn’t look better fur trimmed?
  2. I resolve to chase my housemates around the house…after all, they are getting a little paunchy so I will act as their personal trainer.
  3. I resolve to whine when I want food…after all, how would the humans I allow to wait on me know that I need my six meals a day?
  4. I resolve to wake my humans up around 7:00 each day…after all, it isn’t healthy to oversleep and I want my breakfast.
  5. I resolve to sit on laps, especially when my humans are doing something…after all, what can be more important than holding and petting me?
  6. I resolve to sleep at least 20 hours a day…after all, I need my sleep to continue looking my best.
  7. I resolve to lay down in front of my humans when they are walking…after all, they are getting older and must continue to remain alert.
  8. I resolve to knock things off of the table…after all. someone has to clean things up.
  9. I resolve to make a fuss when I am placed in a carrier…after all, who likes being cooped up in a tiny space?
  10. I resolve to be cute…nothing more to say about this one.

Oh, wait!  I already do all of these things.  Looks like I don’t need to make any resolutions for this year.

When I got up this morning I found Dustin sitting at my computer.  I looked to see what he was doing and saw this.  I decided to use this for my post today.  This way I don’t have to write one. – Bob


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28 responses to “Resolutions

  1. LOVED it! For a second, I was worried when I saw the word resolution, but that quickly passed. I knew I could count on you not to be too serious about that word!

  2. Dustin did a great job on his resolutions! Those pictures are so funny. It looks as if Dustin is contemplating exactly how to write his post.

  3. Dustin reminds me of someone I know . . . Who, you ask? You! He has the same sense of humor. Wonder who rubbed off on whom?

  4. Love the pictures. Cats are so smart. This makes me wonder if he was imitating what he sees you doing. And yes, keep the fur and the sleeping habits for sure. Happy New Year, to you, the family, including Dustin!

  5. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    This was such a day-brightener! Adorable!

  6. Perfect! Leave it to cats to add a bit of fun! Happy New Years!

  7. Boy that Dustin must come in handy when you have writer’s block. Happy 2016 to you and Kathy and Dustin. I look forward to reading more of your always humor filled posts.

  8. Absolutely purrrrrrfect. 🙂 Happy 2016 to you all!
    (Dustin, feel free to give Bob a break once in a while.)
    Bob, did you ever see that Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) has his dog write on a regular basis on his Facebook page? Oh my goodness…they are amazing. 🙂

  9. Absolutely cute! I think I may try the chasing the housemates resolution! Should work for anyone right? Man or sweet beast!

  10. Having read enough of your posts, I knew I was in for something humorous. You did not disappoint. Best wishes for 2016, with or without fur.

  11. Terje

    Thank you for the humorous post. Makes me think that people should also make cat-minded resolutions – they would be much happier. Wishing you the best for 2016!

  12. K. Renae P.

    Dustin is an adorable sweetie. I’m sure Dustin was like, “Make a resolution? You’ve got to be kitten me!” (I’m not even sorry about the terrible pun.)

    Happy New Year!

  13. Sounds like Dustin is doing everything just-right!

    Happy New Year — to both of you!

  14. I knew as soon as I saw your link-up, I would enjoy this! I was right!

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