What’s in a Name?


It has been said that a rose by another other name…  How true.  When I was a kid, my grandmother often made “bleenies”.  In restaurants you can buy these as a side dish only they are called “potato pancakes”.  Same thing (only my grandmother’s were much better).

Around this time of year many families display a creche.  We always put out a manger.  Same thing.

Earlier this week a friend of ours sent me a recipe for  Czech Bars, cookie bars.  Where she ever got the idea that I like to bake is beyond my.  Anyway, I looked over the recipe and thought that these bars should be simple to make because there weren’t too many ingredients.

The only things I didn’t have in the house were walnuts and strawberry jam so a trip to the store was in order.  As I was making them I really gave no thought to what the end result would taste like.  As I said, the recipe was simple and took no time to throw together.

Here is how they turned out.  I stood the one on its side so that you can see the jam filling.

Strawberry Cookies

Now came the important part, the taste test.  As I took a bite something hit me.  These tasted awfully familiar even though I know I have never made them before or had them before.  Then it hit me.  These taste exactly like one of my favorite cookies… one I haven’t make in a few years.  As I thought about it and looked at the recipe again I noticed that the dough was almost the same for both.  The difference was that the bars had walnuts in the dough whereas the cookies were rolled in walnuts.

I don’t have a picture of the cookies, but they were called Bird’s Nest Cookies.  Going back to the title of this post these were also known as Thumbprint Cookies.  To paraphrase, a cookie by any name is delicious.

Merry Christmas to All!



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16 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  1. Everything old is new again…and with a fancier name! Thanks for sharing this. I was looking for a cookie recipe the other day, thinking about my Grandma’s Belgian Cookies. They are called Empire Cookies online. I have a little baking on my mind too.

  2. Clever observations, and very true about Christmas cookies. I know about the ‘thumbprints”, have made them, a little jam in the middle. I’m down to making mostly chocolate things lately, favorites of all, and our small group doesn’t eat much. Fudge coming! Merry Christmas to you and family. Enjoy the special times.

  3. Fun read! Cookies…ah, the names and the memories! My mom’s sugar cookie recipe was called “Merry Maker Cookies” in the little recipe booklet from a sugar company, printed in the early-mid fifties. Made with powdered sugar and colored brightly red and green with food coloring, they are thin and crisp, perfect with hot cocoa or hot coffee, and certainly made our family merry through the years.

  4. Judy C.

    Yum! Been baking here too – this morning was No Bake Cookies which I’m sure have another name too. Wishing you and Kathy a blessed Christmas!

  5. Oh – Thumbprint cookies – I have not made them in years! I have one more batch of a Swedish spice cookie, called Pepperkakar, to bake (on Sunday the family gathered to celebrate eat all the ones I had). Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the baking and the eating!

  6. Baking always makes the house smell good and heightens the anticipation of that first bite of freshly baked cookie.

  7. Isn’t it funny how the same food item can have a variety of names. Good thing your taste buds were on high alert to remind you this flavor was not all that new, but something from your past you enjoyed. Merry Christmas Bob and Kathy!

  8. Terje

    Vocabulary lesson turned into a baking memory. Thumbprint cookies bring a taste of memory to me too. Happy baking and sweet holidays!

  9. How much fun when a forgotten taste jumps in your mouth again. Merry Christmas to you. I hope you will consider posting on my Senior Salon when you get a chance.

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