A Short Slice


This has been one of those weeks.  We have been out every day, including today, which is why I am posting so late.

I was going to skip this week and just say that I was too tired to write.  However, I realize that this is an easy out and could lead to future weeks where I post nothing.  After all, if I skipped one week what’s another?

The reason we have been out all week is because after 13 years, Kathy finally decided to put her mom’s house up for sale.  Until now she wasn’t ready to let go.

We have been cleaning and doing yard work all week.  Luckily, with temps in the 60’s it was nice working.

However, as I said, I am beat.  So this short explanation will serve as my post for the day.  A more lengthy piece on getting the house ready will come at a future date.


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13 responses to “A Short Slice

  1. Thanks for taking a minute to write. It serves as inspiration for all of us who “run out of time”! Looking forward to hearing more about the house.

  2. I thought about skipping today too, but finally wrote and posted late too. What a huge job you have ahead of you! Good luck!

  3. I’ve missed a few times lately, and I really Don’t like that. Glad you found the time. It hasn’t Ben long since we did that, getting mom’s house on the market…such a job, so emotional!

  4. Glad the weather was good to you. Daunting task ahead. Good luck with the changes that will bring!

  5. Glad to hear from you after a hard day’s work. Hope tomorrow is easier.

  6. Thank goodness your weather is good. I got my own home ready a few years ago, and it was hard, but in the long run, I had to take away the responsibility and find a place that fit me better. Best wishes in this journey. I’m glad you wrote too!

  7. Always so great to hear from you – thanks for posting, no matter how tired yo are!

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