A Yearly Tradition


December 6th…just another day.  In our house it is a special day – St. Nicholas Day.  In the Greek tradition, St. Nicholas was the only child of wealthy parents.  He was born around 280 A.D.When his parents died of the plague, Nicholas inherited their wealth.  He was generous.

There are many stories about St. Nicholas and then can be easily searched on the web.  One common story is that he would go around leaving gifts for children in their shoes.  Many people leave their shoes out for St. Nicholas on his feast day.  I am one of them.

Before going to bed on December 5th, I make I have at least one pair of footwear in a place that St. Nicholas can’t miss.  I anxiously look at my shoes the next morning to see if St. Nick came.  In 35 years I have not been disappointed.

For the first few years that we were married, St. Nicholas brought us (yes, Kathy leaves shoes out as well) one new ornament each for our tree.  As a result many or our decorations have a special meaning.

Back to this year.  When I looked at my shoes, this is what I saw:

present on shoes

Yes!  I was a good little boy and St. Nicholas did stop.

Of course I had to open the present to see what St. Nicholas left.

St. Nicholas 2

St. Nicholas knows I enjoy puzzle books and that I enjoy cooking and baking.  I already found something I have to try.

Of course Kathy had to check out her shoes as well.  Here is what St. Nicholas left for her.

Christmas Bear

If you press his foot he plays “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

I will continue to put my shoes out for St. Nicholas every year in the hopes that there will be a little something in them when I wake up.  Happy St. Nicholas Day (a little late) to all.


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9 responses to “A Yearly Tradition

  1. What a fun tradition! We’ve had many traditions around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I’m looking forward to the new ones we forge with our precious grandson! (especially since he’s already crawling!!!)

    Enjoy your puzzles!

  2. St. Nicholas is very generous and so smart to know what you would like. What a fun tradition!

  3. A loving tradition. I’ve heard of St. Nicholas, but we’ve never put our shoes out. I love that you each received special gifts, smart St. Nicholas!

  4. This reminds of the tradition of putting out wooden shoes and filling with hay and carrots for Black Pete St Nicholas’ horse in exchange for a DM all gift.

  5. Terje

    This is the sweetest tradition carried on for years. In our family only kids put our their slippers (for a whole month) and get treats from elves. Your post made me smile.

  6. You never fail to elicit a smile and a happy memory from me. Thank you.

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