This is one of those weeks when I really can’t think of anything worthwhile to write about.  I have been putting off posting today because I am stumped.  Reading other posts has not inspired me.

I thought of several things I could write about and then quickly dismissed them as being boring topics that would not interest anyone, myself included.

Some examples:

I could write my phone not automatically refilling making me go to the AT&T store to find out why.  Really exciting standing there watching as the gentleman had a text conversation with someone to find out why my refill was unsuccessful.  It meant a savings of $5.00 to me .  Totally boring.

I could write about going to the laundromat this morning because we are having washer issues at home.  How exciting it would be to write about sitting and watching the the machine fill with soapy water and seeing the clothes being tossed around.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the spin cycle.  Totally mesmerizing!

I could write about making some cracker candy to take to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  However, it seems that I write a lot about food so I guess that is out as well.

Maybe I could write about Kathy getting excited when a little yellow light started flashing on the car’s dashboard while we were out yesterday.  It was only a reminder that it is soon time to have the oil changed.  No excitement there.

So, as you can see, I really don’t have a post for today.  I guess all I can say is that I wish everyone a

Happy Thanksgiving


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18 responses to “Nothing

  1. Personally, I think I would liked to hear some more about the laundromat. They can be interesting places!

  2. Rats! I meant to include “Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

  3. LSquared

    I think that’s a great prompt for a free write: I have nothing to say. Write for 10 minutes on “I have nothing to say…”
    Your post seemed to me to be a good example of our inner editor deciding what would make the cut for the news page. Thanks. I often feel like “nothing ever happens on my block” and the subsequent “I don’t have anything to write about. Sounds like our students, unless we teach them otherwise. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I think you filled the Tuesday mandate, “SLICE OF LIFE”. Your post was exactly that.

  5. rosecappelli

    There is usually some great material for character sketches in laundromats! Let you imagination run wild!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  6. I have been there as well. I agree with Donna – who joined you washing clothes? There are always interesting characters in those places. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  7. I think you’ve just given us all permission to write about ‘nothing’. I have a tree man coming tomorrow, exciting to watch them trim my old, and very big, cottonwood. Harnesses and climbing equipment too. Maybe I’ll take pictures? The last time my washer broke I had to go to the laundromat-1st time in a long while. Like others above, I rather enjoyed it, seeing all the different people there. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you as well. I am grateful for your entertainment every week!

  8. You sure make doing nothing into something interesting. Sitting in a Laundromat can be quite interesting sometimes….but I hope you get your washer fixed soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. You seem to always have something to say and your words always make me laugh, just like today! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kathy!

  10. A whole lot of nothing makes a lot of interesting somethings! 🙂 Glad you shared what you “weren’t” writing about… seem like seed ideas to me. 🙂

  11. The ordinary often becomes extraordinary through your words. Of course, some days I feel like nothing ordinary is great material. Other days the ordinary takes on a special meaning with connections to so much. You say so much in your images with the spinning of the laundry, the cooking of something special, the glowing light of warning–some days that’s all great material.. Perhaps a few dull days is just what you needed. Funny how the light is excitement to Kathy but not to you. Perhaps any of those dull moments would have interested us, your readers. I love the way you meet your world just where you are and write about it–whether it bores your or excites you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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