Another Quilt Show


On Friday, Kathy and I went to the last local quilt show of the year.  This one was held in Lebanon, which is about a thirty minute drive from here.  Once again, I am amazed at the talent these ladies and gentleman (there is a man in their guild) show.  Hope you enjoy the show.

On entering the expo center this is the first quilt that greets everyone.LVQ 19I am always fascinated by this design because although it looks circular, there is not a curved piece in it.

I enjoy looking at the challenges the guilds display.  Although everyone uses the same pattern, the colors used by the individual quilters changes the look of the quilt.

Some quilts just stand out because of their use of color.

I happen to like star quilts.  Once again, the same pattern but different colors.

This one I just liked.


Although the soft colors of this quilt don’t show up very well in a picture, this one was really beautiful.

LVQ 17

Bargello quilts are interesting because the with of strips and how they are sewn together make for a quilt top with lots of movement.

LVQ 14

Finally, this picture is for Kathy.  Her guild is doing a challenge where each lady is given a pack of 5 inch blocks and they are to make something out of them.  Kathy liked this pattern so this is how she plans on using those pieces.

LVQ 12

Well, that is it for this quilt show.  I promise, now more posts about quilts, until the Lancaster show in March.


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22 responses to “Another Quilt Show

  1. Such a fun visual exploration. Which patterns appeal? Which colors appeal? How would I combine those for a quilt for me? Just a few of the questions swirling in my brain right now!

  2. I know that Kathy always leaves a show with so many thoughts and inspirations.

  3. I’m always in awe of quilters! The creativity, the patience, the time commitment,the skill. It’s inspiring for me as a novice sewer.

  4. They are marvelous to see, love that one that Kathy chose, too. I have a star quilt from my mom that I treasure. What artists the quilters are!

  5. Oh, I do love these posts of yours – such beautiful quilts, and so much unique artistry.

  6. The quilts amaze me every time you post the pictures from a show! I had to go back and study the one that appears to be circles but has all straight lines. What a trick of the eye! So much talent!

  7. I remember your quilt show posts from last year and how fascinated I was! These are all beautiful. I want to get some handmade quilts for our lake house, but they are so expensive (and rightfully so!)

  8. Thank you for the pictures of the stunning quilts. Quilts seems to be the word of the week so far for me. Dom and I heard Copeland’s Appalachian Spring Friday night and I told him that I felt like someone had wrapped me in a beautiful quilt. And now you show me those quilts! Maybe someone will give me a quilt, here’s hoping.

  9. Beautiful post. And happy quilting, Kathy.

  10. I still have a number of handsewn blocks I assembled years ago for a quilt. I started it when I was home with my children, then stopped when I began teaching again. Retired, I haven’t thought much about it. Perhaps one of these days I will get it together – literally and figuratively!
    I love the patterns you shared. The colors and changes in pattern because of the color and/or the arrangement of blocks is always fascinating.

  11. I love seeing your quilt pictures. I miss quilting, but there is just no time since I began teaching. So, I will just enjoy your “show.” Keep sharing!

  12. I am always ready for another quilt show! As always, these are beautiful.

  13. richard hamera

    I’ve picked the one I want for christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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