Routine Office Visit


It started off as a routine yearly check-up.  The doctor came in.  We talked a bi and then the exam began.  All seemed to be going well until it was time for the heart check.  She put the stethoscope in place and listened.  She moved it and listened again.  I noticed a frown on her face.

She then gave the news that she was hearing a slight heart murmur.  It wasn’t there at last year’s check up.  She wasn’t too concerned at the time, but suggested a follow up visit in three months just to check things out.  A little concerned but not too worried a future appointment was made.

Fast forward three months.  Back at the doctor’s heart being checked again.  Once more a concerned look on her face.  The murmur was still there and a bit more pronounced.  Time to discuss options.

We decided that the most accurate test to have would be a sonogram and echo cardiogram.  A call was made and the test was set up to be preformed in two weeks.

A lot can go through one’s mind in two weeks and usually it is the worst case scenario.The day came and we were back at the doctor’s office at 9:00.  They weren’t sure when the doctor would be there to perform the test just that it would be late morning.  He had some traveling to do.  Anyway, we left Ned at the vet’s so that they could prepared him for the test.  He had to have part of his belly shaved.  Kathy and went to get some breakfast and kill some time.

We went back to the vet’s around 11:30.  The doctor just finished Ned’s test and he was willing to speak with us.  Good news – Ned;s heart is fine.  It seems that the sides of the heart are nor working in sync but it is nothing life threatening and something he just has to live with.

Bad news – Ned has high blood pressure.  I really didn’t know cats could get high blood pressure.  Anyway, the doctor said he would leave the results for our vet and she would make a call as to how to treat things.  Later that day the vet’s office called and told us that the doctor called in a prescription for amlodipine.

I went to the drug store to pick up the medicine, $35 for 20 pills, and brought it home.  Just for comparison I placed the pill next to a cashew.

pill and caschew

It is not that big a pill so it would not be hard to give it to Ned.  The problem was that he was to take a quarter of the pill each day.  Believe me, it isn’t easy cutting a pill that size into four pieces.

After a week we took Ned back for a blood pressure check.  Here he is waiting for the doctor.

Ned at vet

I wasn’t sure how you check blood pressure on a cat.  I couldn’t imagine a cuff small enough to fir around a paw.  Well I found out.  The vet cuffed his tail.  Turns out his blood pressure had dropped.  Good news.  Now Ned has his own pill bottle next to mine.


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18 responses to “Routine Office Visit

  1. Having a sick pet is never easy! Hugs to Ned.

  2. First, let me say I was relieved to learn it was not your heart, this time. You have such a talent for leading the reader down a path before revealing the information. Poor Ned! Poor you cutting that pill into quarters! Glad Ned will be fine. 🙂

  3. The things that you learn as you go along in life. Imagine taking a cat’s blood pressure through his tail! Did the Vet suggest checking the sodium content in the cat food?

  4. This time, I was wary & guessed that this wasn’t about you. You’ve tricked us too many times. But cutting a pill into quarters can’t be easy. I suppose by the test results that you know Ned is getting that tiny thing down. Good news all the way through. I’m glad for you & Ned!

  5. richard hamera

    glad ned is doing find, but don,t scare me like that.

  6. You got me again! Thanks for the vet humor. I needed that this morning!

  7. Judy C.

    I, too, have been tricked by you too many times, so my guess was that it wasn’t concerning your heart – thank God! Glad Ned is doing better. These critters are definitely a challenge.

  8. Well, as opposed to others, I fell for it hook, line and sinker! I was so glad to learn that your health was fine and that Ned seems to have a good prognosis as well. Thanks for the ride!

  9. So weird how our pets can have so many “human” ailments. My daughter’s cat has to go to the vet periodically for an allergy shot. Hope Ned continues to do well.

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