Clogged Sink


If you have been reading my posts on a somewhat regular basis you know that I am not the handiest person when it comes to fixing things around the house.  Yes, I can change a light bulb.

Two things that I usually try to steer clear of are electrical problems and plumbing problems.  I would tend to most likely make matters worse and would end up calling a professional in the end.  It would probably cost more to fix my mistake than if I had called in the first place.

Anyway, I was faced with a problem with the bathroom sink yesterday.  I got out of bed around 7:30 (that’s A. M. not P. M. even though I’s retired).  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  I didn’t notice a problem immediately when I turned the water on.  The drain seemed to be working fine.

As I was brushing me teeth I turned away from the sink because somebody was yowling to be fed, OK, the were two insisting they be fed and one just siting patiently waiting for food. I paused in my brushing to give them each a few munchies and to keep them quiet.

I went back to brushing and was ready to spit and rinse.  I turned back to the sink and noticed that there was blockage preventing water from going down the drain.What did I need to do?  Should I try just turning on the water and see if the blockage would disappear?  Should I get a plunger?  Would I need a snake?

What I ended up doing was just picking the blockage up and moving it.  This worked because the drain was clear once again,

cat in sink


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19 responses to “Clogged Sink

  1. Ha, this actually made me chuckle out loud! What a fuzzy little blockage you had!

  2. At least you didn’t need to call a plumber.

  3. See, you are becoming more handy every day. Ha! Ha! That is the cutest blockage I’ve ever seen. At least your camera was ready for this one. But I’m wondering, you keep cat food in the bathroom?

    • Actually, we do. I feed Ned and Molly in the bathroom and put Dustin in the hallway. If I didn’t, Dustin would inhale his food and then push the other two out of the way and eat theirs as well.

  4. My husband has unsuccessfully engaged in two plumbing repairs. As a result we pay to keep a plumbing device on retainer now!

  5. Judy C.

    Oh, yes I can remember all the times our cats would curl up in the sink and neither of them liked water unless it was a slow drip and then they would try to catch it. Such a great plumber you have become!

  6. Considering the blockage I had about a month ago, I’d say you were lucky. You get me every time, so funny. I think you should start a column for your local paper. People will love it! Really, though, hard to believe that the ‘blockage’ stayed.

  7. rosecappelli

    Very clever! I remember a cat I had as a child who would come to the bathroom sink for a drink of water!

  8. Loved how you told your story. Knowing your dislike of plumbing I was thinking of a very unfortunate ending. This was so much better!

  9. So funny! One of our cats, as a kitten, would not stay out of the sink when my husband would be getting ready in the morning, so he started putting the kitten in the tub with a little stream of water running to entertain him. Silly cat grew up to drink water only from a running faucet.

    How do you continue to get us again and again with your supposed stories of woe?!

  10. principalberry

    I thought our cat was strange because he sleeps in a bowl and the sink upstairs at now…good to know we’re not alone.

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