Local Quilt Show


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were hectic days for us.  This was the weekend that Kathy’s quilt guild held their show.  This was a new experience because of many reasons.

First of all the venue was new.  They had always held ti at the local mall but attendance had dwindled down to almost zero last time.  This time it was held at a local Arts Center.  It was a much bigger space.  This is the first time they charged an admittance fee of $5.00.  They were not allowed to do it at the mall.  This was also the first time they invited vendors to set up.  Again, at the Mall they weren’t allowed to do that.  One of my favorite things that they did this year that they weren’t allowed to do before was have a food stand.

Being a new venture for the guild the ladies were worried about how the show would go.  Would people come?   Would they be able to fine the Walk-In Arts Center?  Would they pay to see the quilts.  Yes, yes, and yes.  The show was a big success.

On Friday Kathy and I arrived around 9:45 to help set up the show.  When we got there all that were up were the poles.

Set up 2  Set Up 1

There was also an area reserved for the “Quiltique” – a shopping area.

Set up 3

After about four hours of work, the space was transformed.

Set up 5  Guild quilt show 2015 011

We left feeling good about how things looked.  Now, would people come tomorrow when the show opened?  Not to worry.

Set up 6People came, and came, and came.  Over two hundred paid admissions on Saturday.

Here are some of the quilts that were on display.

Guild quilt show 2015 029Guild quilt show 2015 028Guild quilt show 2015 027Guild quilt show 2015 023Guild quilt show 2015 022Guild quilt show 2015 020Guild quilt show 2015 019This is actually three quilts made by three sisters using similar but not exact fabrics.

Guild quilt show 2015 018Guild quilt show 2015 013Guild quilt show 2015 014

The “Quiltique”  was also quite busy.

Guild quilt show 2015 012Set up 4

What they sold over the two days was enough to cover scholarships given to a local student who worked with textiles in some format over the school year.  The guild now has money for the next two years.

At take down Sunday evening everyone was riding a high.  There were positive comments from those who attended the show as well as the vendors.  I know that at their monthly meeting next Monday they are going to talk about the show as well as start making plans for the next one which will be held in two years.


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7 responses to “Local Quilt Show

  1. Judy C.

    Lovely quilts – were any of them Kathy’s? So glad that the event was a success. I was awaiting your critique on the food stand – next week?

  2. I love quilts. My mom belongs to a guild. I wish I could sew like she does. I also shared on my Facebook begging our guild to sponsor a nice show. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So nice that they made enough money to fund their scholarship fund. Sort of sounds like you work for food.

  4. Wow, sounds like the switch to the new space was a great decision! It will only get bigger and better now!

  5. The transformation of that space looks wonderful. Congratulations to you all for such a success. And the quilts are beautiful, any of them your wife’s? I’m glad you shared.

  6. I love quilts and was captivated by your pictures! The artistry is amazing!

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