Freeze Dried


Tuesday August 18 – SOL

Many things today come freeze-dried.  I got freeze-dried chicken as a treat for my cats.  They all enjoy it.  Freeze-dried coffee supposedly tastes better.

Well, today I was freeze-dried, or at least a part of me was.  I had my six month check-up with the dermatologist today.  I am prone to those lovely old age spots that many seniors get.  I have also had bouts with skin cancer in mild forms that creams usually took care of.

Anyway, today when I went I had a specific request for him.  Sometime during the last month or two I sprouted a wart on my neck.  It wouldn’t be a problem except that it happened to grow at the exact spot where my shirt necklines rubs.  This makes it annoying.  It is also in the way when I shave each morning.

It has become a bit more detached over the weeks because I have rubbed it against my pillow on a few occasions.  I wanted it gone and I figured today was the day.  I spoke to him about it and he said it would not be a problem.

After my exam he told me to sit up and he got the liquid nitrogen.  He gave it a good spraying and told me it should dry up and fall off in a few days.  Good.

A bit later while sitting in the car after a healthy breakfast at McDonald’s I looked over the information paper I received on the removal procedure.  I can, or maybe not, expect the spot and the skin around it to blister and peel.  If it blisters I should let it alone.  If I decide to pop the blister I need to keep it covered.

The skin will, or maybe it won’t, return to its normal color in a few weeks.  Luckily permanent discoloration is extremely rare.  Hope I am not lucky in this instance.

Well, I guess I will see how being freeze dried works.  I do promise not to keep the wart once it falls off no matter how fresh the freeze drying might keep it.


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10 responses to “Freeze Dried

  1. Glad to read that you won’t be keeping the wart. 🙂 No one ever told me about these annoying occurrences that seem to pop up out of no where. Wonder what’s in store for the next 20 years?

  2. I agree with Elsie completely. It would be very yucko bucko to keep that wart and I know that all kind of new things and creases and bumps are occurring with record speed these days.

  3. Lisa

    It is pretty amazing! Years ago I had plantar wart frozen off my foot and it was very painful! I did not keep it either.

  4. Judy C.

    The advances of modern medicine. Those side effects can be scary. Hope there’s no blistering.

  5. Happy you were able to get it done, & now I guess we have to wait to see what happened! That liquid nitrogen is amazing (thank goodness!).

  6. Had to read this to see what you freeze dried. Hope you’re one of the fortunate ones with no blistering, no peeling, and a return to normal skin color! Here’s to quick healing and no bothersome side effects.

  7. Jaana

    I am wondering if skin tags could be freeze dried to oblivion as well?

  8. Oh, no! take care. And thank you for not saving it.

  9. When my dog had, a lump removed from her mouth I declined the vet’s offer to have it analyzed. Then she offered to keep a small sample in their fridge, in case it comes back and we want to know what we are dealing. we could send that sample out. I agreed to this (it was free). It did make me wonder what other things are lurking in their fridge.

  10. Oh my, a lot of yucky going on here. I hate to think of these “joys” of aging. Suffice it to say, I think at least once daily, “I am turning into my mother.” (not a bad thing, except for the skin tags, the thin skin and its bruises, the creaky knees, etc etc. etc…on and on it goes)

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