Quilt Odyssey 2015


Tuesday, July 28

Last week Quilt Odyssey was held at Hershey.  This is a summer quilt show that Kathy and I enjoy going to first and foremost because it is only 45 minutes from home.  Although they do not have the largest amount of quilts on display, they do have a huge group of vendors.  This is the part that Kathy likes best.

I must admit that this year the vendors did seem to have more and a larger variety of materials thing-a ma-jigs (technical name for quilting supplies)  then they have had in the past.

Kathy did not really have a list of things she was looking for this year…always a bad thing…so she did ooh and aww over many of the things she saw.  Just in case you are wondering, she did buy several things from material to gadgets that help make the quilting easier.

We arrived at the show around 10:45 and spent the next two and a half hours just browsing (and buying) things in the vendor hall.  We were then ready to go see the quilts, but first I had to eat.  The Hershey Lodge always sets up a food area in the hallway outside the convention center doors.  However, since we are season subscribers to the Hershey Theatre, we get a coupon book with our tickets for deals.  One of the coupons was for a BOGO at the Bear’s Den in the Lodge.  That is where we went for lunch.

After walking around and buying I was both hungry and thirsty.Hershey Quilt Show 2015 001

I decided that a raspberry white chocolate martini was just what I needed to help me enjoy looking at the quilts.  Of course I did have a pulled pork sandwich and fries to go with it.  Since we had the coupon my meal was free (that’s really the only reason I had the drink). Now, off to see the quilts.  Click on any picture to get a better look.  I will keep my comments to a minimum.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 002This was a first place winner.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 003This I just liked the colors.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 005This blew me away especially when I saw what the design was made from.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 006Yes, the entire top was made from hexagons.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 007Unbelievable!

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 008Next picture tells why I included this.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 009I like traditional quilts more than artsy quilts.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 010Next picture tells who made this.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 011There is a section devoted to quilts made by high school students.  Wow!

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 012I love animals and the info card that went with this.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 013

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 014One quilt is named “Best of Show”.  This is it.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 016I just liked this..

It was quite a show, but the day was not over yet.  We had to get some dinner on the way home, but neither of us was very hungry because of the lunch we had.  We decided to stop at a place along route 39 that always fascinated us.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 019

There are always greeters there to welcome you.

Hershey Quilt Show 2015 020

Dinner consisted of a warm apple dumpling with three mounds of soft serve vanilla ice cream, topped with warn apple topping, whipped cream, and two cherries.  I think the extra cherry did me in.  I was stuffed!

Next quilt show – Oaks in September.  We will be there.


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10 responses to “Quilt Odyssey 2015

  1. Thanks for the pictures with the “background info” about the quilts. I wonder if hexagon quilts could be a part of geometry class. (Wall hangings maybe?)

    What fun adventures you had! Frugal me loves the price of your lunch and the looks of your raspberry martini!

    • One year my wife actually took her quilts into school and did a math lesson for the sixth grade using some of the patterns. The students loved it.

  2. I just love it when you go to a quilt show! I can only marvel at the talents of the quilters, since I abhor using a needle and thread. What a deal on the meal and that martini sounds incredible. I’ve never seen that flavor. I’m sure it was the cherry that did you in. You had my kind of dinner.

  3. richard hamera

    I saw the quilt that i am going to let you and kathy buy me. HINT, if you scroll down its the kind that you like. I will pick it up when we go down to lennys at thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Loralee

    What love must go into the quilts!
    Sounds like it was a heavenly time!

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the quilts. Some of them were really amazing. But do you really need an excuse to order a white chocolate martini???

  6. Judy C.

    What a delightful way to spend a day! The quilts are beautiful. It always amazes me to see how tiny the pieces are that the quilters sew together to make gorgeous designs. So glad that you had another wonderful lunch topped off with the raspberry martini (sounds yummy). When are you going to show us some of Kathy’s quilts?

  7. I think I could comment about each one, too. Wow, the quilting on the hexagon quilt, plus the 13,000 pieces is amazing. What dedication. I liked the look of the 2nd quilt, but don’t think I could stand making it. I loved the very colorful one, plus the best of show is so creative, a play on a log cabin quilt. I love the bright colors. Your day sounds wonderful, and the desert at the end, yum! Glad you tried it out.

  8. Woah – these quilts blew me away – such unique creativity. I also liked the food asides…yummy!

  9. Thanks for taking so many pictures so we could see the beautiful quilts. I have several friends who quilt and won my church’s quilt raffle a few years ago. I cried. I know how much love and effort go into the making of every one.

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