Getting Together


Tuesday, July 21

As most of you who have been following my Tuesday posts know, I am not big on eating.  Food and especially desserts don’t hold much interest for me. I eat only because I need to…..Believe any of this and I have a bridge I would gladly sell you.

Anyway, the only thing better than good food is sharing it with family and friends be they old or new.  On Sunday, Kathy and I were invited to my nephew’s in-laws.  The first time we met them we all acted as if we had known each other for years.  It was really easy to see where Melisa, their daughter, my nephew’s wife, and now our niece gets her graciousness.  (So glad she is now a part of our family and by extension her parents and siblings as well.)

I am the type of person who gets nervous when going to someone’s house for the first time.  First of all is the concern of will I find their home.  I have a dumb phone as opposed to a smart one.  It doesn’t have a GPS.  Luckily there is mapquest.  I got on line and printed out the directions.

We knew the general area of where they lived but not the specifics.  I loved the one direction that told us to turn right at the Tom Cat Café…I’ll drink to that.  We really had no difficulty finding their home.

My next biggest concern was conversation.  As everyone who knows me is aware, I am an extremely quiet and shy person who is content to sit in the background and let the conversation go on around me.  Well, maybe I would be able to add a tidbit of conversation here and there.

As soon as we got in and settled, Foster, Melisa’s mother, declared that it was time to eat.  What a meal!  Rice…chicken done to perfection…beans…beef…roasted vegetables.  I could feel the waistband on my jeans getting tighter just as I looked at and smelled all of this delicious food.  Sitting around the dinner table Foster admitted that she loves to cook.   That was quite evident.

I did know that Melisa’s family really enjoys a red velvet cake so I decided to make one and take it down with us.  I did write about red velvet cakes in a previous post. This posed another worry for me because I never know how a cake will turn out.  If I am making it for us it doesn’t matter what it looks like.  When I am taking it for someone else I want it to be perfect.  Doesn’t always happen.  I will say, though, that this time it did turn out just fine.

As I said earlier, good food, family and friends, and good conversation…what more can you ask for?  As we were getting ready to leave several hours later (hope we didn’t overstay our visit) we told everyone that we would host the next get together probably one of the last two weekends in August.  We will see what date works best for everyone.

Now I have a whole month to worry about and plan a menu.



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11 responses to “Getting Together

  1. I love that the red velvet cake turned out well. You write/tell such a great story. I think you should try to start a column in the local newspaper. It would be such a hit! Glad this gathering was so good that you opted for planning the next one! Happy times!

  2. I’m not a fan of red velvet cake, but I am a fan of good food.

    BTW: I think Linda’s right… you should start a newspaper column!

  3. I am like you when it comes to going new places and meeting new people. I worry about the conversation.

    I am impressed that your red velvet cake looked fine enough to take. I hope you will write about the meal you prepare, when the time comes.

  4. Food and family, what a perfect combination! Your next gathering will be a resounding success. At least it will give you a topic for Tuesday. 🙂

  5. rosecappelli

    Now I’m hungry! Glad the cake turned out well.

  6. Judy C.

    Good food, good company and dessert to top it all off. A great way to spend an evening. Good luck with hosting the next get together.

  7. What a delightful time was had! Now that is a family gathering blessed by great food and great company!

  8. From reading the last couple of posts, it sounds like baking is your nemesis.

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