I never really gave much thought to what goes into getting ready for a competition until Kathy and I went to one on Saturday.

As we walked around there were all kinds of things to be seen.  Make-up was laid out on tables ready to be applied. Light snacks such as freeze dried chicken was being nibbled I guess so that the participants wouldn’t feel bloated when it came time for the judging.

Those who ate a more substantial me wore a collar around their necks to keep themselves clean.  Others did their best to keep active until they were called so that they would not fall asleep and miss their turn.

We actually watch as one woman applied brown eye shadow I guess to accentuate the brown eyes… I don’t really know.Anyhow, she applied it above the eyes and also around the chin and neck area.  Using a brush she blended it in so that, she told us, it wouldn’t come off on the judge’s hands when she was handled.  I guess it worked because her cat won two ribbons.

Yes, we went to a cat show.  Our vet, friend, and breeder of Dustin told us about the show and since it was only a 40 minute drive we went down.  She was showing two cats.  One, Fudgie, was Dustin’s brother and it was his first show.  Unfortunately, he didn’t win any ribbons, but it did expose him to what a show is like and hopefully he will do better next time.

Of course we couldn’t leave the show without stopping at the different vendor stands and picking up a few new toys for our cats.  It’s not like they don’t already have enough.

It really is amazing to see all of the different breeds of cats in one place and what people go through and do so that their cat can earn a ribbon.


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10 responses to “Competition

  1. Wait a minute….cats wear makeup???? My cat would hiss and scratch and draw blood from EVERYONE if I tried that on him.

    I bet that was quite the learning experience!

  2. What Amy said…
    It really is crazy sometimes when you put people and pets together!

  3. There are so many ways, we humans use our time! 🙂 Fascinating! I wonder what the cats are really thinking. I can not imagine my cats cooperating through this kind of competition.

  4. Now that was an interesting excursion for you and Kathy! Poor cats to be subjected to judging. I’m sure they all had the imperial attitude. I think I’d have a hard time not petting each and everyone.

  5. I’m remembering 4-H “showings” from the “aunt” spectator view. I don’t believe I ever saw any critters with make-up, but I could easily have missed that step in preparation! Who knew?

    What a fun learning day . . . and I love how you left us wondering in your telling about your excursion!

  6. You are so tricky! “I guess it worked because. . .” (clever, too) I’ve been to a few dog and cat shows, so much effort to make them look good. I’ve never seen the eye make-up though, funny. Sounds like a nice day!

  7. You led me down the garden path with the makeup and bloating. Too funny – cats and makeup unless, well, its broadway.

  8. Loved the turn this story took – a beauty pageant for cats! My cat would fail miserably…but he sure is fun to watch!

  9. Terje

    You are a master in making your reader wonder what the story is about. Make up on cats! Then again, I once saw a movie about a woman who colored her poodle blue.

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