Thank Heaven for the Internet


SOL Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I am sure that it comes as no surprise to those of you who occasionally read my posts that I like to eat.  I am always game for trying new restaurants.

Many of you also know that I also have a weakness for desserts.  I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes.  Well, last week I was presented with a bit of a dilemma.  My brother called and invited us down to his house for a July fourth cook out.  Along with us,my nephew’s in-laws would also be there…people we have not met before.

Of course I accepted and asked what I should bring.  My brother told me that the in-laws didn’t really care for desserts (a crime in my estimation), however they did like red velvet cake.

Problem—I have never made a red velvet cake because I don’t like them.  I have never had a good one.  The ones I have had were always dry and crumbly and needed a pot of coffee to wash them down.  I don’t even have a recipe for one.  So of course I said that I would bring one.

Now, where do I find a recipe for a red velvet cake that might be good.  Internet to the rescue.  I didn’t want any ole recipe, I wanted one for the best cake possible. So, being in a silly mood, in the search bar I typed “the best ever red velvet cake recipe”.  I got a hit with that exact title.

Of course I had to check it out.  I did.  It looked simple enough so I copied it along with the recipe for creamy cream cheese frosting that went along with it.

Now I had a recipe.  But was it any good?  I decided that I would have to make one the week before we went to my brother’s just to try it out.  I wasn’t about to take a cake that I didn’t think was worthwhile.  So I made one.  Kathy and I had a slice to check for quality control.  It really was good.  It was super moist.  However, was the cake really good or was it just me wanting it to be good.

I needed some guinea pigs — I mean some impartial taste testers.  Luckily we have some friends we usually go out to eat with after Saturday night Mass.  I explained what I needed and invited them back to the house after dinner to taste this cake.  I told them I needed an honest answer since I was going to make this cake for a family picnic.  I needed the truth.

After serving up the cake and eating it they both gave it a thumbs up and said it was definitely a keeper.  In fact, they even wanted the recipe.  This was all I needed.  I made the cake and took it to my brother’s. It was a hit.

So glad the internet was there when I needed it!

Red Velvet CakeRed velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.


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14 responses to “Thank Heaven for the Internet

  1. I’m with you on not being a fan of red velvet cakes. Can’t see what’s the big deal. Just give me a chocolate cake and leave the dye out. I would have to be highly suspicious of anyone not fond of dessert. 🙂

  2. Terje

    That’s the spirit – I don’t know but I can find out and try. And the result was a beautiful delicious cake.

  3. Good golly how can anyone not be fond of dessert? I bought a quart of blueberries this week and, worried that they might go before I eat enough for breakfast, I trolled the internet for stovetop blueberry recipes because it it too hot to turn on the oven. After looking at a few, I have selected one to make later today. It might become dinner.

  4. Holy heck that cake is a beauty! There is enough icing that even if it WAS dry you could enjoy it. Not a big red velvet fan myself. I am so impressed that you would not to bring a cake you didn’t feel proud of, especially since you had already made a cake you wouldn’t normally have made for people you didn’t know…you are generous AND have integrity, that’s what I see.

  5. Wow, it’s gorgeous to see, but I imagine even better to taste! I have the opportunity of getting one red velvet cupcake sometimes at my grocery. It isn’t good to have a whole cake so it’s wonderful treat. I imagine the family picnickers were delighted with your cake! Yes, the internet helps in many ways!

  6. Judy C.

    Not my favorite cake, but the pictures makes it good enough to eat! Sometimes the internet comes up with some spectacular ideas. Glad this one worked out for you. How can anyone not like dessert?

  7. You raise a good poont about needing impartial taste testers! I would not have been a good one- I love red velvet… Well, at least the cream cheese frosting! There is nothing like celebrating a new favorite recipe with friends.

  8. Hurrah for everyone, you, Kathy, the taste testers and the family! I am glad the internet did not disappoint!

  9. Wow! It’s beautiful. I grew up with Red Velvet Cake – my grandmother from Texas called it the “Million Dollar Cake” and told a story about. Your post today makes me want to write that story. Her icing was made of flour and milk cooked together, then lots of butter. It was SO much better than the cream cheese frosting everyone uses in the current version. Wow you – for finding the recipe and making it!

  10. rosecappelli

    I also don’t gt the fascination with red velvet cake (except for the cream cheese frosting), but yours looks delicious! I will taste test for you any time!

  11. Ah, yes, this is one of the BEST uses for the Internet in my estimation! I love finding recipes online – and there are usually helpful reviews with warnings, opinions, and recipe adaptations.
    Yummy looking cake.

  12. You gotta love the internet. I honestly don’t know who buys cookbooks anymore. The cake looks great but you had me at the cream cheese icing.

  13. A cake story with a happy ending. Can’t beat that! People who don’t like dessert? They are probably just lying to make us feel bad for loving our sweet calories…

  14. Sometimes this crazy thing called the internet actually works, who knew? I have a friend who hates chocolate, but makes some of the best chocolate cookies around, so I’m not surprised your red velvet cake came out wonderful despite your lack of love for it. It does look delicious

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