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SOL May 5, 2015

Last week I wrote about seeing Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli at Penn State Harrisburg.  I shared some of the books they recommended as well as a “How to Be” poem.  This week I thought I would share some of the tips they presented.

One of the topics they spoke about was description.Here are some of the points they made about the importance of description in writing:

  • Description is found in every mode of writing.
  • We want kids to notice what other writers are doing.
  • Description use specific nouns and strong verbs.
  • Description appeals to the senses.

There are tools of writing that authors use to enhance description.  Among them are:

  • use alliteration when possible
  • don’t overdo with adjectives
  • use similes/metaphors
  • make comparisons to something readers can relate to
  • try putting the adjective after the noun
  • specificity is the key to great writing (proper nouns)
  • compare and contrast

Here are some tips they shared for writing rich descriptions:

  • draw a sketch
  • try to incorporate at least two senses
  • describe with color, shape, or size words
  • sprinkle in a variety of relevant key words
  • revise for alliteration, personification and sentence

Hopefully I did not misinterpret what Lynne and Rose presented.  If I did, I apologize to them.  They really did present an informative as well as entertaining evening.


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5 responses to “More from Lynne and Rose

  1. Very specific tips for descriptive writing. I’m sure many teachers will appreciate you sharing these here. Sounds like a full day of learning!

  2. rosecappelli

    Thank you, Bob! I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation.

  3. Thank you! I’m always so grateful when people share what they’ve learned at presentations – love the online PLN!

  4. It was such a great evening! I wish we could’ve had them in Central PA for a little longer.

  5. Nice recap! I think I’ll post the ideas on my fridge…

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