His Name is Dustin


How often have you heard, “Never say never”?  I know I have and almost every time what I said I would never do I ended up doing.  For example, I am not a fan of flying.  I want to keep my feet on the ground.  I often told people I would never set foot on a plane.  Well, that lasted for about 40 years.  Then I went to NCTE in Atlanta with some friends from our Writing Project.  Since then I have flown several times although I am still not a fan.

Well, once again my saying never again has turned out to be a lie.  About a year ago we lost one of our cats to old age ailments.  We had three and now we were down to two .  Kathy and talked it over and decided that we would get another kitten or cat.  After all, we are both 60 plus. A cat can live 15 – 20 years.  I can just see me at 80 cleaning out litter boxes.  We were in agreement, no more cats.  We will keep it at two.

For the longest time we didn’t give in even though every time we went to out vet’s she always had a kitten needing a home in her waiting room.  She is also a breeder of ragamuffins and of course, that is what our Ned is.  Well, she posted pictures of the latest litter on Facebook.  Of the four kittens, three were spoken for and one was not.  This little guy didn’t even have a name.  He was just known as “Big Boy” because he is the biggest of the litter.

We hemmed and hawed about him but didn’t really decide to do anything.  Then we took Molly in for her yearly visit.  We asked the vet about the kitten and she told us some things.  Kathy and I looked are each other and said we would take him.  Our vet was thrilled not only because she knows us, but also because since we take our cats to her she will continue to see him.

So, her is a picture of our new addition. at 7 weeks and two pounds.  He will be able to come home with us in June.  He is no longer called Big Boy.  His name is Dustin



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12 responses to “His Name is Dustin

  1. You old softy! How could you resist that sweet face? Did you introduce Molly to Dustin since they were about to become related? Cats/kittens are a constant source of delight.

  2. Ha, love Elsie’s comment… you old softy! I am not an animal owner, but I completely understand why you couldn’t resist that adorable face! He’s the cutest.

  3. That kitten is irresistible! One of our cats came to us because my daughter promised she only wanted a cat for Christmas and no other presents–I told her she could only play that card once, other wise we would end up with a menagerie!

  4. Judy C.

    Hubby & I keep saying when something happens to Max – no more animals, but time will tell…. So I can totally understand your initial decision. Dustin is absolutely adorable and will bring such joy to you & Kathy.

  5. Lucky Dustin! I look forward to reading about his antics come June!

  6. Dustin is absolutely precious! Sometimes those things we say we’ll never do turn out to be the best things we could ever do. Enjoy your new addition.

  7. What a cutie. I can hardly wait to read some slices about Dustin’s kitty antics!

  8. Lisa

    Hard to say no to a kitten! I keep them away from my children for sure!

  9. He is so darling. I hope your other cats like their new sibling, and you enjoy him, imagine you will.

  10. Softie is right! For years my policy was “If it doesn’t pay rent, it stays outside.” We’re on our 3rd dog, inside of course. All have been completely trained. The first one would come in the house and sit on the rug behind the door until given permission to move. Amazing! When you least (think) a pet is needed, there is a bigger life plan!

  11. What a sweet kitty! Never say never… Here’s wishing you all lots of catnaps and crazy cat antics!

  12. Erika Haak

    He is really very cute and I am not a cat person–I hope they all get along and he is happy in your home 🙂

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