A Busy Day


Being home all day I am often asked about how I spend my day.  What do I do?  I never really give much thought to what I accomplish in the course of a day until I sat down to think about it.  Not to brag or anything, but when I wrote things down, I was amazed at how much I really do get done.  I thought I would share just a little of my day with you, maybe just the morning.

4:30 get up

cuz nature calls.

House is quiet

as I walk the hall.

A quick little drink

and maybe a snack.

a look all around

before going back.

Look out the window

just for a peek

to see what’s going on

at the house cross the street.

Lights flicker on

as they get out of bed.

Dressing for work

school age boy to be fed.

For me back to bed

because things will keep

Not fully awake

I need some more sleep.

Three hours later

It’s time to start movin’

I make a list

of just what needs doin’

First a big stretch

and a contented yawn.

A stroll to the window

to look at the lawn.

Molly gets up

Oh, good. Now let’s play.

A chase round the house

makes a good start to the day.

Now he finally gets up.

I want food, but won’t beg.

Maybe he’ll get the idea

if I just climb his leg.

Happy and fed

it’s now off to my tower.

A short little nap

Let’s just say for an hour.

Exercise Molly

is next on my list.

More chasing and running

you do get the gist.

A mid morning snack

is surely the thing

to get me purring

and make my heart sing.

Again to my tower.

to look cute this time.

I hate to say it

but I sure do look fine.

Wait! What’s that on the floor?

It’s invading my space.

Must jump down and hit it

underneath the bookcase.

There’s so much more to do

but I’m suddenly tired.

A warm cozy chair

is what I desire.

I’d tell you much more

about my day.

But I can’t keep my eyes open

no more time for play.

As you can see.  My day is quite full.  The afternoons and evenings are just as busy.  As I said, I amaze myself at what I accomplish in the course of a day.


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8 responses to “A Busy Day

  1. What a busy life you lead! So glad that you are able to get a bite every now and then to keep your energy level high. 🙂

  2. What a morning! I enjoyed the rhyme and was so glad I had time to sit down this morning and read your post.

  3. That is a busy day! Glad you’re carving out the time to write.

  4. What a full morning of noticings! No wonder you were all worn out! 🙂

  5. Judy C.

    So much to do, but those naps are the most important. Max would fit right in with this schedule!

  6. Terje

    I like your morning in verse. Imagine how cool it will be when you complete the whole day in verse.

  7. Oh…you are such a sly one! Just as I am thinking this is about YOU I discover it is one of the cats telling the story. I love the way you write. There is always a surprise and a smile.

  8. Love the list, the rhythm & rhyme, & hearing that all that is just the am. You are a busy guy!

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