Where is the Lamb?


SOL March Challenge 2015 Cay 29

The mighty lion

standing on the overhanging rock

lets out a thunderous roar

and the tree limbs bow to his power.

Cue the lamb.

The fierce lion

surveying his domain

shakes his majestic head

covering the ground with white dander.

Someone go get the lamb.

The proud lion

daring a confrontation

turns his icy glare upon the landscape

forming diamonds that glisten in the sunlight.

Lamb!  I want that lamb this instant!

The proud lion

smug with power

refuses to give up his territory,

shakes his head and laughs.

Where is that damn lamb?

Mother told me to never work with animals.  They always just do as they please.

Bring on the lamb stew!


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14 responses to “Where is the Lamb?

  1. Oh you make me laugh. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I understand your angst, but the lamb was having a frolic and a gambol here in Colorado yesterday. Perhaps it will now travel east?

  3. I’m a lamb at heart 🙂

  4. rosecappelli

    Love how you carried the metaphor all the way through the poem. Yes, we need that lamb to make an appearance! Thank you for all your comments on my posts. I’m trying to put a name and a face to our conversation at the Holocaust Museum. Email me?

  5. Thanks for making me laugh in the midst of my weather rage. I love the lion-lamb approach to your piece. Clever and fun!

  6. I’m afraid that perhaps the lion devoured the lamb at the beginning of the month. It sure does not want to make an extended appearance!

  7. Begone lion! We wish to frolic with the lamb.

  8. So funny! I too am ready for the lamb.

  9. As I sit in rain and wind – I too am wondering about where is the lamb!

  10. Jaana

    I think the wind that I hear howling outside is going to bring the lamb on the tails of its winds (that’s what I have to believe)!

  11. Ha! Just came in from a windy “lion”ish walk with the dog. We haven’t seen any lambs around here either. I love your poem.

  12. Wonderful!! After experiencing the cold at my three-day agility weekend, walking the dogs at night in the wind, spending the days in an unheated indoor ring, I can safely say the lions were winning. There were sheep, but no lambs.

  13. Great wonderings! Where is the lamb? Ha…

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