More About Our New York Trip


SOL March challenge Day 27

Yesterday I wrote about going to New York for the day.  Some may think it a bit extravagant to spend all that money on theatre tickets, train tickets, and food for just one day.  Well, that is my vice.

Anyway, a trip to New York (or anywhere else for that matter) would not be complete without a good meal.  Finding a good place to eat within the time frame we had was a bit challenging.  You see, Kathy and I don’t eat meat on Wednesdays during Lent.

When arrived at Penn Station, we decided to walk around to see what kinds of food places were located there.  There were several, but most were chain restaurants or sandwich shops.  I wanted more than that for dinner.  I wanted a cooked meal.

As we made the round we spotted a place called Kabooz’s.  They had an interesting menu posted out front.  We thought that might be a possibility.

We decided to walk up 7th Avenue to 42nd Street where the theatre was locater.  We kept out eyes open for any restaurants along the way.  Didn’t see much that appealed to us.  It was now 1:00.  We hadn’t had lunch yet and we had to get to the theater by 1:45 to pick up our tickets.  Because of when we bought them (Sunday) and thin being Wednesday there wasn’t enough time to have them sent.  Printing e-tickets wasn’t an option for this theater,

We passed a place that looked like a good spot for lunch.  We knew that we could order, eat, and leave within a half hour.  There were two levels of seating so that wouldn’t be a problem.  Most importantly, though, they had fish for our meatless Wednesday.  We deserved a break today.  (This should tell you  where we ate.)

After lunch we continued up to 42nd Street, got our tickets, and went to our seats.  Great seats!  As I mentioned yesterday, 5 rows from the stage and aisle seats.  The best part, and I didn’t know this when I bought the seats, For her first appearance in the show Kristen Chenoweth walked right beside me to the stage.   Wow!  The show was really a fun show.

Leaving the theatre after the show, we saw it was raining.  It was 4:30 and our train left at 6:30.  We still had no place to eat.  I decided that if it was raining I didn’t really want to eat in the theater district and then make a mad dash down to 33rd street on a full stomach in hopes that we would not miss our train.

We decided to go back to Penn Station and eat at Kabooz’s.  What a perfect choice that turned out to be.  Their special of the day was lobster ravioli served with a garden salad.  Delicious!  Of course, if you are eating in a restaurant for the first time you must have dessert.  After all, we all know that the establishment takes out all calories if you have never eaten there before.  It is their way of enticing you to come back.

We were both pretty full, so Kathy and I decided to get one dessert and split it.  They had a chocolate raspberry crunch that sounded good to me.  Unfortunately, they had none yesterday.  Well, then we thought we would go for the pina colada cake.  Excellent choice.  It was as good as it looked in the picture on the menu.

I would definitely eat there again.  Everything on the menu sounded good.  One nice thing about eating there was that we finished dinner around 6:15.  We had fifteen minutes to wait for our train.  We were already in the station so we didn’t have to run on a full stomach.

One final note about Amtrak.  Their trains are wifi hot spots so since I had my Kindle I was able to read and comment on SOL slices.  I knew I would be too tired to do it when we got home.


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28 responses to “More About Our New York Trip

  1. I’m headed to NYC for the day on Sunday and your posts are helping me anticipate it even more–there’s nothing like a Broadway show!

  2. Even though it was spur of the moment, you were able to find and enjoy great food, plus see Kristen Chenoweth up close. You are living a charmed life!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. Those are the best! I love that you chose to slice about it – that helps to memorialize it.

  4. As I was reading I was delighted with the adventure. The food it sounded so good. I really wanted to try it! I am glad you both had a great time. I didn’t know they took the calories out the first time you eat in a place. That’s good to know.

  5. Since I won’t be going to NYC any time soon, I loved hearing all about your adventure, & that special dessert without the calories! I love the rule of new places/no calories, have not heard it before. . .

  6. ” Of course, if you are eating in a restaurant for the first time you must have dessert. ” What a great philosophy!

  7. Judy C.

    Sounds like you had a delightful time at the show and finding a restaurant. I, too, like your philosophy of new place/no calories. Sounds like a great idea to find some place new each time!

  8. You had the perfect day…Kristin Chenowith, too! Doesn’t get better than that!

  9. Pina colada cake?! That sound amazing! It’s right before lunch now, too, so now I want some! How wonderful that you got to see Kristin Chenowith! I would LOVE to see her perform live some day! I’ve only been to NYC once. We took the girls when they were younger. I’d love to go back.

  10. Hahahaha, I know exactly where you ate and I can tell you from personal experience the chocolate raspberry crunch is soooo good. Almost feel like I was sitting beside you throughout this. Who knows maybe I was. Muahahahha. Sounds like a great time was had by you both.

    • Raivenne,I was disappointed that they they didn’t have the chocolate raspberry crunch, although the pina colada cake was delicious. I guess we will just have to go back. Maybe when we come in August to celebrate our birthdays.

  11. What a pleasure to read all about your memorable, spur of the moment broadway adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us. The details of finding a restaurant were entertaining and like others I was overjoyed to hear the new place/ no calorie rule. I mean it must be true because it was in print, right?

  12. Again, fun to read! A trip to NYC in my imagination! And a great new rule to top it off!

  13. I will have to tell my son and mother-in-law about Kabooz’s. They are going to New York next week! My favorite line from your post is: “Of course, if you are eating in a restaurant for the first time you must have dessert. After all, we all know that the establishment takes out all calories if you have never eaten there before. It is their way of enticing you to come back.” How I wish that were true!!! I have a sweet tooth!

  14. Jaana

    Love reading about your travels! The details are always so interesting. I wonder if those calorie-less desserts could be found in other big cities as well or are they New York specialty?

  15. DWR

    Been to New York many times and have seen many shows. Seems like a show I’d like to see as well. There’s no place on earth, in my opinion, that has better food and more variety than NYC.

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