On a Whim


SOL March Challenge 2015 Day 26

Probably one of the first things people find out about me is that I love the theater.  I enjoy going to New York to see musicals.  I have been going since I was a kid and my aunt, who lived in Brooklyn, would take me to several shows over the summer.  I am lucky that Kathy also likes shows.

When we go to New York it is something we usually plan for well in advance of our trip…getting theatre tickets, getting train tickets, making reservations for dinner, and booking a hotel room for the night.  I already have our tickets for our August trip.

There are many shows I would like to see.  One of them is On the Twentieth Century.  I had seen the first production years ago and really wanted to see it again.  I knew that Kathy would enjoy it.  The problem was, though, it was closing before our August trip so I resigned myself to not seeing it.

In Sunday’s paper there was a review of the show.  It had an excellent write up.  I mentioned this to Kathy.  She said that if I really wanted to see it check for tickets. I did just that…let’s hear it for Playbill,com.  The show was closing in July.  I thought I would start at the end and see when the best Wednesday matinee seats were available.  I have said it before, I am a bit of a snow when it comes to seats.  I like center orchestra aisle seats.  The only seats they had were either in the very back rows or on the sides.  I didn’t know how large the theater was so I didn’t want to sit in the back.

I worked my way through July, June, May, April, and March.  I finally found a pair of tickets that met my qualifications..2 center orchestra seats, on the aisle , 5 rows from the stage.  I told Kathy and she said to take them if I wanted.  I did and I did.  The thing was, though, that the tickets were for Wednesday, (yesterday).  Now that I had tickets I needed to get train tickets…Amtrak.com here I come.  We weren’t to spend the night; just go up for the show and return the same day.

The train left Middletown at 9:15 and arrived at Penn Station at 12:15.  The return trip left NYC at 6:35 and returned to Middletown at 9:50.  Had my transportation.  I do so like e-tickets since I don’t have a smart phone that I can use and just show my tickets that way.

Anyway, yesterday Kathy and I were in New York.  We had a great time.  The show was fantastic..an old madcap comedy.  We fond a good place to eat (more about that tomorrow).  Ah, one of the perks of being retired…pick up and go wherever whenever.


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15 responses to “On a Whim

  1. Love the instant go spirit! I need to try that a bit more.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much easier it is to indulge a whim with the internet to help us. I am glad you got to see your show and I can hardly wait to hear about where you ate.

  3. This is a wonderful perk to being retired! I love how you both embrace it and go for it! I hope the show was worth it!

  4. Awesome – the whim proved to be just the thing. And, all the snow has finally melted, so the city is a nicer place to walk around in.

  5. Nice and nice to be close enough to NY to just get on a train. Love it!

  6. What a delightful time you two had going on a whim! I am jealous that you can make that trip in one day and that such excursions are possible. New York city is a great unknown to me! The culture will draw me there someday to be sure!

  7. rosecappelli

    Love indulging in whims! They usually make the best experiences. Glad you had a good time!

  8. Terje

    Love the spirit in this post. How wonderful that everything worked out so well.

  9. What fun! I’ll try not to be jealous.

  10. Well, we made it to NYC at about 6:00 today. How nice it is that you could just hop the train for a wonderful afternoon at the theatre and a meal. Not only do you live close enough to do that….but you also are retired…which makes doing things on a whim so much easier. Glad you enjoyed the show. We are looking forward to seeing The Audience . Looking forward to reading your restaurant review.

    • Glad you made it to NYC Enjoy the show. I look forward to reading about your trip…the show..where you ate…what you did…where you ate…what you saw…what you ate… you get the picture. Have a great time.

  11. Judy C.

    Hurray for all your efforts in finding just the right seats to a show that you really wanted to see. Yes, picking up and going whenever it one of those perks of retirement.

  12. Jaana

    What a fun event! Too bad it would take me a bit longer to get to NYC. One day I will be there for a show!

  13. I am looking forward to when I reach that lovely stage oxt monthf life where I can have spur of the moment activities. I have tockets for that show next month! Love Chenoweth and Gallagher.

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