Finishing Unfinished Business


SOL 2015 March Challenge Say 24

There were some things I mentioned in two previous posts that I didn’t fully develop, so I would like to take care of doing that now.  First of all, I mentioned the challenges that Kathy’s quilt guild completer for the 25th anniversary year.  The last challenge they had was to use 25 buttons.

I had said that Kathy made a necklace and then found out that she couldn’t use it because it didn’t contain 25 different buttons.  Some were repeated.  Several people asked to see the disqualified necklace so here it is:

Accordian and Rita's 002

The second bit of unfinished business goes back to a list I posted of 10 things you might not know about me.  Number one was that I play…and I stopped there promising to reveal what I played in a later post.  For better or worse, this is that post.  Any nightmares this might cause you can thank m friend Dolores.  She suggested I write about this.  Adding pictures was my idea.

What I play has been in our storage room for about 20 years.  You can see that it makes a good base so things can be piled on it.

Accordian and Rita's 001

Pulling it out here is what the case looks like.

Accordian and Rita's 008

If you are wondering why it looks saggy that is because my aunt decided that the case needed a cover so she made it one.  I still keep the cover on it.

To open the case I need to lay it on the floor.

Accordian and Rita's 009

The case measures approximately 22″ x 18″ x 11″.

Have you figured it out yet?  Well, let’s open the case.  Upon doing that we see a red cloth covering the instrument.

Accordian and Rita's 010

Now the unveiling.

Accordian and Rita's 011

Yes,  play the accordion!  This is my Magrini.  I started lessons in elementary school and continued into high school.  Maybe there will be a future post on lessons.  Anyway, the keys are a bit yellowed with age.  It hasn’t been out of the case and held for at least 20 years.  Does it still make a sound?

Accordian and Rita's 012

Yes. I guess it does.


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12 responses to “Finishing Unfinished Business

  1. Terje

    How cool that you play the accordion. I don’t play any instruments. I admire everyone who is able to create the magic of music.

  2. That is fantastic!! Wish I could hear it! You really kept us waiting for each step of the unveiling in words and pictures!

  3. Never would have guessed an accordion! As a kid, I thought they made beautiful music and was mesmerized by the sounds. Do you watch American Idol? One of the contestants played an accordion at her first audition. What surprising talents we discover through slice of life.

  4. Maybe you will make a recording and write a slice about some of your favorite songs to play… there must be a lot of memories.

  5. Oh yes this deserves another story. Like how to you get started playing the accordion and why did you stop? I never know where your writing will take me and it always a satisfying adventure! 🙂

  6. When I saw the case I actually guessed it! How cool! It would be great to make a video or some sort of recording so that we can hear you play. I love watching someone playing the accordion…so much to do that I don’t know how you do it. I am so impressed!

  7. Oh…one more thing….how do your kitties like it? Ray plays the harmonica and Ary does not like the high notes…so now, poor Ray has to be careful when he has the notion to play it.

  8. I knew it when I saw the case! I used to love listening to accordion players when we lived out in Minnesota/Wisconsin by the Mississippi – Oktoberfest…

  9. Lisa

    Fabulous! My son has been carrying a concertina around for 2 weeks like a teddy bear, so the accordion may be in our future as well. A friend of mine was forced by her parents to take music lessons, so she chose the accordion to punish them for making her. 🙂

  10. How fun that you play the accordion. I certainly think we need a slicing concert!

  11. Haha! What a fun post!! On my computer I had to scroll down just little by little so there was practically a drum roll going on!

    Also, wow! Your quilter’s guild does NOT mess around. When they say 25 buttons, they mean 25 buttons!

  12. I’m so glad you finally told us! My cousin played the accordion & still takes it out once in a while. I hope you’ll now keep it out & PLAY! As for the buttons, wow, strict rules. It’s a pretty button necklace though!

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