Road Trip


SOL March Challenge 2015 – Day 13

Up before sunrise

two days in a row.

Showered, dressed, fed

and all set to go.

Money and plastic

along just in case.

Kathy’s excited

a smile on her face.

We’re off, on our way

for an hour’s drive.

Will there be parking

when we arrive?

We find a good spot

the shuttle is there.

Seats are together

this early – quite rare.

A 10 minute ride

destination in sight.

Enter the doorway

and turn to the right.

Doors open at nine

the crowd rushes in.

There’s so much to see

where do we begin?

We stand there in awe

a feast for our eyes.

Quilts in all shapes,

colors, and sizes.

Too much to take in

can’t be done in one day.

For a multiday pass

we had to pay.

To see what we saw

and read what we did

Tune in next week

I’ll uncover the lid.

The AQS National Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA. began on Wednesday and runs through Saturday.


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8 responses to “Road Trip

  1. Nice poem and you whet my appetite for the quilts I know you will photograph and share in this space.

  2. I’m waiting impatiently for the lid to be lifted. Nice job carrying the story through in verse!

  3. Judy C.

    Great poem to tell all that you did and saw. Can’t wait for the next segment to see some of those beautiful quilts and all that you bought and where you ate.

  4. It was fun to read this in verse! Now like others I am
    looking forward to the details. I really enjoy reading about the adventures you and Kathy go on.l

  5. Another fun piece by you…with a to be continued….as we are all awaiting to see what is under the lid. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear how you spent your time.

  6. Terje

    What a poetic journey to a quilt show.

  7. There’s a jaunty Seuss-y ring to this adventure…can’t wait for more!

  8. mrssurridge

    I really enjoyed the cadence of your trip. I feel this way when I go to a stamping show. Enjoy!

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