Kathy’s Third Challenge


SOL Challenge Day 8

With two challenges down, the quilt guild was ready for the next one.  Yesterday I mentioned that this was my favorite.  I need to explain that the challenge itself wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but what Kathy came up with to meet the challenge was.  The guild president decided that tor the third challenge the ladies had to have 25 words in their project.  She stipulated that this time the project didn’t necessarily have to be a quilt as long as there were 25 words in the finished piece.

Kathy never put words in or on a quilt so this was a bit of a challenge.  Kathy is a cross stitcher as well as a quilter so for a time she kicked around doing something in cross stitch.  It turned out that several ladies in the guild went this route.   This project would be due  for the October meeting. Almost a month had passed and Kathy had no idea what she was going to do.  She even, like me with this challenge, thought about just not participating in this one.

However, as luck would have it, there was a big quilt show in Oaks, near Philadelphia in September.  Of course we went.  Of course we checked out all of the vendors.  There, in one booth, was a fabric panel consisting of eight blocks containing a cat, something sewing related, and a caption for each picture.  Kathy and I just looked at each other and said, “Quilt challenge!”  Of course she bought the panel.

When we got home we looked at the different pictures and the words trying to decide which ones would work in the quilt.  We counted words.  There was no way that any combination of blocks came out to 25 words exactly.  The closest we could get was 23.  Here are three of the blocks just to give you an idea of what we were working with:

Guild Challenge 006

Guild Challenge 005

Guild Challenge 004

Kathy then had an idea.  What if she gave the quilt a name and added those two words to the top?  She decided to call the quilt “Kitty Wisdom”  Bingo!  She had her 25 words.  The next step was to come up with a layout for the quilt.  Putting one block next to another just didn’t do it for us.  We both decided that there needed to be alternating blocks.  Kathy thought a simple nine patch would work especially done in pastels that somewhat matched the background in each block.  Going through her stash again we found fabrics that we thought would work.  Kathy went to work cutting, piecing, and putting the top together.  It was done and partially quilted, but not complete, by the October meeting.  Luckily the president said that al long as the top was put together it still counted.  The quilt top was completely quilted by the December meeting.

Here is what she came up with for this challenge and you can see why it is my favorite.

Guild Challenge 003

Tomorrow, the fourth and final challenge.


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11 responses to “Kathy’s Third Challenge

  1. You two are a team to be reckoned with when it comes to a challenge! Those kittens are too cute and the words are purrfect for those who are talented with a needle and thread.

  2. Love the quilt and the fabulous solution that you came up with to meet this challenge! It’s all about “creative” solutions!

  3. Jaana

    One more? You are really keeping us in suspense! I don’t much care for cats, but the finished product is amazing!

  4. I love this quilt…and not just because it has kitties on it. Although, the tabby cat panel that says, “Sew Many Blessings” looks similar to our new kitty, Ary. The team work that you and Kathy share in these challenges is so touching. How wonderful that you take an interest in her talent…and she yours.

    btw…sorry you could not get the link from my post to work. I checked it, and it did work for me. It is so beautiful, I know you would have enjoyed it. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about the fourth challenge.

  5. As I read your post I thought you must really love challenges! Then I thought oh I have a friend who quilts I know she would love your post.

  6. Judy C.

    Quite the team you and Kathy make – the quilt it great. I just need to ask, does Kathy help you with your writing challenge?

  7. I just love the way the two of you think through and work through these challenges. An amazing team!

  8. Lisa

    I love it too! I like that you mixed “cheater” blocks with pieced blocks. I love simple nine-patch blocks. I started a 16-patch quilt some time ago. I was going to do 24 16-patch blocks. Then I decided to do 8 16-patch blocks with some solids mixed in. I had to keep making the quilt easier. But I don’t know if I will ever have time for sewing to finish it! Maybe I will do that in April during my SOLSC writing time!

  9. That is so beautiful! Again, such lovely creativity and collaboration between the two of you–thank you (and Kathy!) so much for sharing these works of art with us.

  10. I really like this project…the pastels and the kitties…purrfect! The most fun is all the deliberating and sharing together between you and Kathy to go through the ideas and come up with the project that meets the challenge.

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