Kathy’s Second Challenge


SOL Challenge #7

After completing the first challenge for the quilt guild’s year long celebration of its 25th anniversary, the ladies were given the second challenge.  Once again they had two months to complete it making this project due for the august meeting.  This was a simple challenge.  All they had to do was construct a block that had 25 different fabrics in it.

Well, the most obvious, and the one chosen by most ladies, was to just take 25 squares and sew them into a block.  This is what Kathy decided to do as well.  Now the problem became which 25 fabrics to choose.  Should they be all solids?  Should they all be prints? Should there be a combination of solids and prints?  Should they all be in the same color family?  I think you get the picture that picking 25 different fabrics might not be as simple as it sounds.

Kathy decided on a combination.  The next decision was where would this finished piece be used.  Would it serve a purpose or just be stashed away somewhere.  I had a little input here.  A couple of years ago, after a major flood in our basement, we gutted and redid the entire space.  We took our old table downstairs so that I would have a place to build puzzles.  The table has glass inserts.

Table Topper 001

I thought it would be nice if it had a topper.  Kathy agreed and so we decided that the block she made would act as a table topper.  the fabrics she chose worked well with the colors in the basement.  She laid out the 25 squares of fabric she chose.  she also had a stack of just in case fabrics on the side.  We started playing with the arrangement of the pieces taking out some that didn’t seem to work and auditioning (apparently a quilter’s term) other fabrics.  We finally hit on something we both liked.  Although it may be hard to see from the picture, there is  an organization to the arrangement.  Although I liked the fabrics and the arrangement of colors, there was still something missing for me.  The table is octagonal and the topper was square.  How about if we cut the four corners on a diagonal giving the piece an octagonal shape as well?  Kathy liked that idea.  Here is what the finished blocked looks like:

Guild Challenge 002

It works perfectly on the table.

Table Topper 002

It protects the table from whatever we put on it.

Table Topper 003

Tomorrow, the third challenge (and my favorite).


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17 responses to “Kathy’s Second Challenge

  1. I love the topper and the collaboration you used to make it.

  2. I love the octagon shape! Absolutely perfect for that table. And I love the word “audition.” It would be a great word to use in thinking about revising writing too!

  3. Beautiful! I remember quilting at summer camp when I was about 8… I made a pillow, I think! Since then it’s been on my “one day I’ll do again” list…. 🙂 I don’t quite have the patience for sewing, but I always WANT to have the patience… That must count for something!

  4. Perfect! Just what your table needed.

  5. How great you didn’t have to come up with another new pattern, but could manipulate the fabric to meet the challenge. I see the intentional use of solid vs pattern and even the shading of colors. The bonus is now it is a useful item in your house. Nice, Kathy!

  6. I see the flower patches surrounding in that pattern, I think? Great idea and fun to hear about the challenges too. Looks pretty on the table!

  7. Great teamwork, again. Sometimes a challenge provides a solution for a problem you may not have known you had. Now there is a reminder whenever you use the table. Oh…a teaser…next is your favorite challenge…I will stay tuned.

  8. What a beautiful topper! I also love the word “auditioning” here–makes me think of all the little fabrics, hoping they would be chosen to be part of your production.

  9. Judy C.

    What a fun challenge Kathy (and you) undertook. I love the word “auditioning” as a quilting term – never quite thought of it in those terms. Beautiful completed work of art and so perfect for your table.

  10. I love it!!! Kathy is doing what Dave, really wants me to do…create and make something beautiful. Maybe I need a class. The octagon at the end…perfect. xo

  11. Love it! I clicked on the picture to get a closer look and could see the pattern of fabrics. It is so cool how you and Kathy are partners in these challenges…although, she does all of the quilting…you both discuss options. It is just perfect for the table…good idea of making it octagonal. Can’t wait for the next challenge.

  12. Love seeing Kathy’s quilt (that you both worked on) and your puzzle table. So fun to have a place to do that! Can’t wait to hear about her 3rd challenge.

  13. Jaana

    Beautiful! I also loved “auditioning other fabrics” I am wondering if the fabrics had a change to voice their opinions? Can’t wait for the third challenge!

  14. Cannot wait to hear about the third! It’s a beautiful and very practical as well. This is a gift I do not have. In fact, I do not know anyone who quilts. It seems a shame to not have such a valuable talent.

  15. Beautiful! Glad you pursued your challenge.

  16. I loved seeing how you and Kathy worked together to create that perfect spot – that is true collaboration. Bravo!

  17. Lovely! My mother is a quilter and has created some beautiful pieces. I envy Kathy’s patience and talent.

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