A Different Kind of Challenge


SOL Challenge Day 6

Challenges are a part of life. We constantly face them.  Some can be fun such as participating in the SOL March Challenge.  Others can have more of an impact on one’s life like getting lout of bed on a cold dreary morning to get ready to go to work.  Although I a participating in this writing challenge, I thought I would devote today’s post to a challenge Kathy faced last year.

2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the quilt guild Kathy belongs to.  The president of the guild decided that it would be fun to issue challenges to the members to help commemorate the occasion.  She came up with four different projects for the members.  They would have two months to complete each one and they wouldn’t get a new challenge until the two months for the previous one were up.

The first challenge was issued in April.  It needed to be completed by the June meeting.  It sounded simple enough: make a block that had exactly 25 pieces in it.  So, Kathy and I went through some of the books she had looking for a pattern that had exactly 25 pieces.  We didn’t really find one that we liked.

One day we were at Jo-Ann fabrics.  They usually have block kits that can be made and put into a bed sized quilt when completed.  While Kathy was looking at fabric, I stood looking at the different blocks making up the quilt counting the pieces in each block.  I actually found one that fit the requirements.  I showed it to Kathy and we both decided that this was the one for the challenge.

The kit included all of the material as well as the pattern.  To make the deal even sweeter, it was on sale.  She did, however, change one part of the block.  In the kit, the center square was a baby blue with some brown designs printed on it.  Neither one of us was too wild about that.  Luckily, though, Kathy has a large stash of fabric.  She went to it and found a piece of orange fabric.

This added a bit of pizzazz to the finished block.  She also used pieces of it in the binding to pull the block together.  Here is what her finished block looks like:

Guild Challenge 001

A funny thing happened when she took it to guild for show-and-tell- in June.  Someone else had gone to Jo-Ann’s and bought the exact same block.  They, however, kept the blue in the center.

Tomorrow the second challenge.


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21 responses to “A Different Kind of Challenge

  1. Funny that someone had the same square…good for Kathy, putting a personal touch in, so it was different after all. I always enjoy the quilt pictures.

  2. jmjd

    Look how invested she was in it. How often do we issue this engaging challenges to our students? Not often enough I fear.

  3. Seeing it with the orange square in the center, I can’t imagine it with the baby blue. the orange pops so nicely.

  4. Judy C.

    Challenges abound. I think it’s great that you and Kathy worked together to find just the right piece and then Kathy tweaked it. It’s fun when we can join forces and come up with “just the right idea”.

  5. Kathy is so talented in quilting and you in writing. What a great match! I love the pop of the orange. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge is, because frankly anything to do with needle and thread, is a challenge for me.

    • Her challenge is giving me four days of posts that I don’t really have to think about. Next week is a nation a l quilt show that will give me a few more days worth of posts.

  6. I always enjoy seeing the quilt pictures you post…especially, Kathy’s. I admire those who have the talent to make things with their hands…create works of art. The challenge that she had was interesting. I like the orange center…it does pop out nicely. So…what is the next challenge?

  7. The Orange really did give life to the block. Challenge number two will be in tomorrow’s post.

  8. like everyone else, I thought the orange fabric gave this quilt an extra oomph!

  9. That’s really beautiful, I love the orange! What strikes me most, though, in this Slice is your relationship. You are so supportive of her hobby and her talent. It shines through in your writing, and it’s nice to read. 🙂

  10. Jaana

    Love the orange! I am so glad to be reading more quilting stories! Do you have any quilting trips planned this spring?

  11. I agree with Dana about what this reveals about your relationship with Kathy. You are a team! I like the artistry of quilting and will look forward to reading about in your challenge about her challenge!

  12. I love that orange in the middle! The finished piece is gorgeous. It sounds like it became a family project!

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