Need to Get Away


SOL challenge 2015 Day 4

I have said it before, I am officially sick and tired of this winter!  I seems like we have an new snowfall every other day.  I have had my fill of shoveling and reshoveling the driveway.  I have had it with cleaning off the cars.  I need to do something that will get my mind off the cold, snow and ice.  I refuse to think about the inch and a half of sleet and freezing rain coating things outside my window.

I know.  I will jump ahead to August.  Kathy and I both celebrate our birthdays that month.  That is also the time we treat ourselves to an overnight in New York City.  We always go on a Wednesday to that we can see two shows, a matinee and evening performance.  There are a few shows that have opened or will be opening between now and then that I wouldn’t mind seeing,

Talking it over and looking at the listing on we decide on what we would like to see.  The next step is to see if tickets are available.  I admit that I am a bit of a snob.  I like center orchestra seats.  I also like aisle seats because it is easier to get out and run to the restroom during intermission.  There are no lines that way.

I check out the first show, It Shoulda Been You.  This is a new musical with Tyne Daly, Sierra Boggess, and David Burtka among others.  It is billed as a wedding comedy.  We now have tickets for the matinee.  Next up is to find a show for the evening.

Kathy would like to see On the Town which is based on the Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra movie.  We luck out.  Center orchestra aisle seats are available.  We now have them.

Now with tickets in hand, or in the drawer until needed, all that is left to do is get train tickets, book a hotel room, and decide where we want to eat between shows.

Having even these partial plans in place, I know I can cope with what is outside.  After all, the weatherman did say it will reach 40 degrees by this afternoon so all that fell last night should melt. We all know that the weatherman is always right.  It;s a good thing, too, because that will then make room for the snow that we might get tonight.


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17 responses to “Need to Get Away

  1. We are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow, and I’m going crazy just thinking about it. Trying to jump ahead to August in my mind–my birthday month too 🙂

  2. Amen! I, too, am so sick of this winter. Come on spring.

    I love how your piece is written in present tense, as if I’m walking with you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Judy C.

    Totally agree (even though our winter really didn’t hit until the middle of February), I’m sick of winter. Today’s prediction – 3-6″ of sleet/freezing rain/snow. Staying in and contemplating warmer temps and spring! Sounds like you have a delightful August planned.

  4. We have most of our summers planned here already, too. It’s been that kind of winter. ICK. Love your plans. Mom and I are planning to go see Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time sometime this spring. Have you seen that yet?

  5. Jen Cherry

    Looking down the barrel of another 8-10″ of snow tomorrow here! I was so ready for warmer weather I booked a short Spring Break trip to the DR! So excited to get out of here and lay on the beach 🙂

    Enjoy your NYC trip! I love the musicals/plays myself and would love to see some in the near future.

  6. Making plans always chase’s a bit of the cold away, that is until I look out the window. Ugh! We have sleet and snow today, but next week promises temps in the 50’s. I hope that is true.

  7. Making plans for warmer weather is a great way to deal with this cold. I love how you admitted to being a snob. I love the honesty of that.

    Your ending was perfect! Made me chuckle.

  8. Jennifer

    Another way to cure the winter-time blues is to look at photos of beautiful, tropical paradises and imagine yourself in the setting. Perhaps you could write a short story to accompany the picture. This makes your imaginary setting all the more realistic even when the real weather outside your window is crummy.

  9. I am a summer kind of gal and I have had it with old man winter! I sit here and watch the snow come down as I await the phone call to cancel school once again.

  10. Oh, what fun! There is something about making those summer plans that chases away the winter blues…well, some of them.

  11. So loved reading your post. Even though I like winter…I will be glad when spring arrives. This winter has been a bit better for us than last…but still, lots of snow…and now the ice. So glad you have tickets for plays in NYC! And…thanks for the suggestions about places to eat. I read them to Ray and we both think we will for sure try the French one and maybe a couple of others. Ray and I share February birthdays…so travel to NYC is probably not the best idea. Thanks so much…and spring will be here soon….it really will!

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