A Beep in the Night


#SOL 15:  Challenge – Day 2

Beep…Beep. The house is dark.  I am sound asleep.  There is a beep.  Did I actually hear something?  I know I was sound asleep…I think.  Was I dreaming the sound?  I don’t usually remember dreams so I can’t be sure.  ignore it as just a figment of my imagination.

A half hour later: Beep…Beep.  I can’t be imagining the same sound again.  Should I get up and investigate?  Where would I look?  Was it coming from outside?  Was there maybe an alien space craft hovering outside beeping up all of the snow that fell last night st that I wouldn’t have to shovel?  I looked out the window.  No such luck.

I guess I had better check out the house.  It was dark.  I didn’t put on my glasses so everything was a big blur.  I walked doing the “kitty shuffle”.  Those of you with pets know exactly what I mean.  I meandered out to the living room careful not to bump into anything.

As I made my way through the room there it was again:  Beep…beep.  I saw a light coming from my cell phone.  I left it by my chair when I went to bed.  I looked there was a message:  Low battery.   Really?  At 1:30 in the morning?  It couldn’t tell me that at 10:00 when I was still awake.

I knew that if I didn’t plug it in to charge it would beep all night getting more persistent as power dwindled.  Carrying the phone I went in search for the charger.  I knew where I keep it so it was no big deal.  However, I was still half asleep and I still didn’t put my glasses on.

I found what I needed, fumbled to connect the phone to the corn and then plug it into the wall.  While doing that I hit a button on the phone.  Don’t ask me which one because I have now idea.  Now all of a sudden my phone started to talk to me. “Swipe to turn screen on.”  “Settings.”  “Screen turned off.”

How do I shut he up?  It’s 1:30 in the morning.  Kathy is asleep and I have this monotone female voice on my phone telling me what keys I am hitting.  Finally I put the phone down to let it recharge.  The voice was quiet.

Now the phone is fully charge but the annoying voice is still there.  I have to figure out how to turn her off.  I probably should also check the phone chaged more often so this doesn’t happen again.


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14 responses to “A Beep in the Night

  1. What an adventure. My daughter silenced our iPad on a trip this weekend. Fortunately the alarm still worked this morning. But I had to search for the mute switch, thankfully in the light of day. I do know the kitty shuffle well although it is the dog shuffle at our house.

  2. What an annoying circumstance! Yet it is still such a connectable experience. I had a student writer about his “phone wife” Siri yesterday for his first Slice. It was hilarious! He discussed how he constantly forgets everything and relies on his phone wife to remember everything for him. He also foretells that one day Siri will rule the world because she knows everything about us: our daily schedule, messages, emails, etc. Maybe this is the beginning of the takeover: making us lose sleep in the middle of the night, so we aren’t all-together the next day…

  3. Ha ha those annoying electronics! My problem would be not being able to get back to sleep. But I’m glad it wasn’t an alien aircraft that could have been worse!

  4. What a great way to share the process of finding the beep! I remember one night we heard beeping all night long. It was the washing machine letting us know the wash cycle was done. That made for a long night!

  5. Funny – I always want to shut off my phone for this reason but then am afraid some one will call with an emergency so I leave it one and hope I don’t hear the funny little beeps that like to sound in the wee hours of the morning.
    Hope you got back to sleep.

  6. All of that, in the dead of the night! Sometimes I think these “essential” gadgets are more trouble than they are worth.

  7. I thought it must have been the smoke detector beeping. That’s what happens at our house. I don’t think my phone beeps when there is a low battery, or perhaps I have never let it get that low. What an adventure in the night! Your kitty-shuffle made me laugh.

  8. Judy C.

    Oh, I know those beeps very well. Check out my slice for tomorrow and you’ll learn about our “chirp”! Both hubby and I do the “kitty shuffle” very well.

  9. It’s a visit from the phone monster when it takes a life of its own. I’ve been there- ugh! Did you get enough sleep last night?

  10. I loved this line…I walked doing the “kitty shuffle” I have forgotten about that way of moving in the dark, I think I need a kitty again, much better than a talking cell phone in the middle of the night. I’m still adjusting to life with cells. xo

  11. The kitty shuffle has to be the best phrase I’ve heard in awhile. My phone beeped at 3 am on Sat. morning. It was my kids letting us know their flight was leaving DC. These phones will rule us if we let them! Hope you’ve figured out how to stand up to than annoying voice.

  12. I was with elsie I thought it was the smoke alarm low battery chirp! This happens and all my smoke batteries start chirping at each other. It is nearly impossible to figure out who started it and which one really needs a battery change. Modern life!!

  13. This is so funny! What is strange, is that I never let my phone get low charged…but last night…somehow…the flashlight was on all night (I never use that flashlight because it is too difficult to get….so I have no clue how that happened.). This caused the battery to go all the way down…and I did not even get a chirp to notify me. Oh well, at least I did not have my sleep interrupted. So glad to get back in the slice.

  14. Aliens shoveling up your unwanted snow! Ha ha ha ha. You wish. 🙂

    I hope you figured out how to turn off the voice. I loved your description of this, and I could totally imagine you kitty-shuffling through the house! Great Slice!

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