An Exercise That Works


I am not really that into exercise.  I don’t make a New Year’s resolution to join a club to lose weight and get fit.  I know that it would be a waste of money.  I know that I would only find excuses not go.  Besides, there are no clubs here in the valley.  The closest one is 25 miles away.

That is not to say that I haven’t at times read about some exercise programs in magazines.  These programs promise results and the exercises can be done at home.  I have tried some but got bored quickly.  The weight training ones I never look at because I refuse to go out and buy a set of weights that will sit in a corner collecting dust.  I would sooner spend the money on a good meal out.

Anyway, I finally read about a training program in John Usalis’s newspaper column one week.  I thought that this was something I could do.  It didn’t involve buying any new equipment.  It promised to build muscles.  I thought I would give it a try.

Before I describe the program I should mention that I have read and tried those programs that say you can use a can of vegetables as weights.  For me this was awkward.  My hands got tired holding the cans.  They would slip from my fingers and end up being dented not to mention marking the floor as well depending on where I was using them.

The program John talked about used bags of potatoes as weights.  Starting with a five pound bag in each hand almost any exercise you can do with a weight can be done using potato bags.  I would stand with my arms outstretched holding a bag in each hand.  I would also lie on the floor with my hands at my shoulders and then extend them up and away from by body.  As with any program the key is to exercise three times a week for at least half an hour.

It was amazing how after very little time the five pound bags became so easy that that I upgraded to a ten pound bag.  That really is the neat thing about this program.  As the exercises become easy you can increase the size of the bag which would lead to bigger results.

After a bit, I found that these bags no longer were a challenge so it was time to go to a higher weight.  Would I be able to do twenty pound bags?  It was a bit difficult at first, but after a few sessions I was getting used to it.

Now I am ready for the next step.  I will put a potato in each bag.


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12 responses to “An Exercise That Works

  1. I just knew there was a catch, and I first thought it would be about what you’re doing with all those potatoes! Ha! You led us down the garden path very well indeed!

  2. That last line made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the early morning smile.

  3. At first, I thought this would be funny. Then, I thought “wow! I am impressed.” Then I got to the end. Brilliant.

  4. I laughed at the punch line .. I had been so impressed with your progress!!

  5. I am laughing as I am typing this…clearly, your notion of exercise is pretty much the sane as mine!

  6. Judy C.

    Thanks for the laugh. I was really impressed, trying to envision how one could hold five pounds of potatoes, etc.

  7. I figured that the bags were getting easier because you were eating the potatoes so they were getting lighter. Ha! Ha! You have such a talent for delivering the punch line.

  8. Jaana

    I was so trying to imagine anyone lifting 20 pound bags of potatoes in each hand for the sake of weight training. Came to the last line…..I wasn’t crazy after all! I need to learn to weave a story like you do. This has power!

  9. When I started reading, I just knew that your exercise that works would be “pushing away from the table.” So surprised by your punch line! My dad would have liked this one.

  10. Ha ha…that was a good one! Your great sense of humor keeps me coming back!!

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