My Grateful List

Over the last few weeks some people have listed the 100 things they are grateful for.  I thought I would give it a try as well.  Here is my list.

1.  a loving, merciful, forgiving God

2.  Kathy

3.  family

4.  friends

5.  birds chirping in the early morning

6.  the first snowfall

7.  a job I enjoyed for 40 years

8.  retirement

9.  Molly and Ned

10.  meatloaf

11.  early morning quiet

12.  hot chocolate with marshmallows

13.  books

14.  no mortgage

15.  two cars that I will fully own in 4 months

16.  spring flowers

17.  summer blooms

18.  fall foliage

19. winter greens

20.  Broadway

21.  live performances

22.  lunch with friends

23.  champagne truffles

24.  the smell of something good cooking or baking

25.  relatively good health

26.  a sense of humor

27.  chocolate martinis

28.  lobster tails

29. cheesecake

30.  vacations

31.  waking up every morning

32.  the endless possibilities a new day brings

33.  quiet time spent with Kathy

34.  a warm house on a cold night

35.  a cool house on a hot day

36.  a good night’s sleep

37.  meeting slicers at NCTE

38.  desserts – any kind

39.  good music

40.  comfort and support when I need them

41.  ability to laugh–especially at myself

42.  presents

43.  smell of a freshly cut lawn

44.  helping out at our local food pantry

45.  working with Writing Project Fellows

46.  being able to take off for the day whenever I feel like it

47.  homemade Tandy Cakes

48.  a big pot of soup on a cold winter’s day

49.  the Hershey Theatre

50.  Starbucks

51.  my own space in the house

52.  the quiet of a snowfall

53.  getting together with friends

54.  a cat curled up on my lap

55.  that same cat purring while nestled

56.  being organized–most of the times

57.  homemade cracker candy (bark)

58.  the sound of laughter

59.  birthdays

60.  Christmas

61.  holidays

62.  a good glass of wine

63.  great colleagues when I worked

64.  staying in touch with former colleagues

65.  eating out

66.  sunny days in the middle of winter

67.  a gentle rain

68.  unexpected calls from friends

69.  my kindle

70.  the smell of cinnamon

71.  breakfast at Perkins, no matter what the time of day

72.  a morning cup of coffee

73.  a doughnut to go with that cup of coffee

74.  making things

75.  a fresh coat of paint on tired walls

76.  pictures that were in my grandmother’s house that now belong to me

77.  memories

78.  sitting on the porch talking with neighbors – before I moved to the country

79.  one day trips to wherever

80.  coming home after a vacation

81.  mail delivery

82.  newspaper delivery

83.  34 years with my best friend (Kathy)

84.  having very little wants or needs

85.  a comfortable retirement income

86.  playing, not shoveling, in the snow

87.  a fairly good imagination

88.  an evening cup of tea

89.  jigsaw puzzles

90.  completing projects that I start

91.  Slice of Life Tuesdays

92.  People I’ve come to know through the Tuesday Blogs

93.  coming up with a topic to write about every week

94.  getting that slice written and posted

95.  reading and commenting on other’s slices

96.  people who actually read what I write

97.  people who comment on what I post

98.  a caring and thoughtful writing community

99.  actually coming up with 100 things for this post

100.  I made it!




8.  retirement


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18 responses to “My Grateful List

  1. What a wonderful lifetime of gratitude! I had to chuckle at #71. I lived in central Illinois several years ago and they had a Perkins. Living by myself, I frequently ate there! It was much better than cooking for one! I had forgotten about that place. Have a Merry Christmas!

    • Why cook breakfast at home when Perkins will cook for you…plus you get to bring a mammoth muffin home for latter. Merry Christmas to you alos, Leigh Anne.

  2. I love seeing these lists, & on yours, the many times you’ve mentioned nature. I think if I made such a list, many outdoor things would be there. Have a wonderful cup of tea with Kathy, & then–dessert!

  3. I appreciated reading your list. Some many wonderful things to be thankful for. I especially like #1.

  4. I am with you on sooo many of these. Definitely looking forward to number 14 some day! Happy Holidays!

  5. Your list is evidence of a life well lived, and much love shared. Merry Christmas to Kathy and you – and Happy New Year!

  6. Isn’t it fun to sit back and take stock of all the blessings we have in our life? This is something I should do more often. It’s the little things, like great food, that make me smile. Happy Holidays to you and Kathy!

  7. I love all the various ways you mention Kathy. Hope you shared this with her. Happy Holidays!

  8. Terje

    I love reading these lists. I always smile. Anyone who has written a list like this lives a rich life. Thank you for sharing your list. Happy holidays!

  9. Love that list, especially BROADWAY!!!!!!

  10. Judy C.

    What a fantastic list – there are so many that I have on my own list. All of these little things that we take for granted, until we actually put them down in writing. The most special – family and friends. Hope you and Kathy have a delightful Christmas & new year.

  11. Love your list, so many things made me smile – sunny days in the middle of winter…we had one of those today, jigsaw puzzles…a December tradition, time to break out the one I bought for this year. I hope you and Kathy had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

  12. This is a wonderful list!

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