Sunday night into Monday morning I had a difficult time getting some sleep.  There was nothing wrong, I just couldn’t settle.  This doesn’t happen very often.  I knew Kathy and I had to go out early on Tuesday morning and wouldn’t be home until late in the evening.  I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to come up with a post so I thought I would write it Monday (which I am doing) and then just link it on Tuesday.

This was going through my head as I tried to settle into sleep.  The only problem was that I didn’t have an idea for a topic.  The more sleep evaded me the more I thought about possible topics.  Then for no sane reason whatsoever, I came up with this.

I had started thinking about the year I was born – 1951.  I started wondering what things were like the year I was born.  I did some on line checking and discovered a few things.  In 1951, I was born on August 4 and this is what was happening in America:

  • The New Jersey Turnpike was built
  • The average family income was #3,700
  • Cars became more luxurious with more powerful engines
  • Turn signals on cars was still an option so many people used hand signals to show their intent to turn
  • The first tests for color television pictures were broadcast from the Empire State Building
  • Average cost of a new house was $9,000
  • A gallon of gas costs 19 cents
  • A new car went for $1,500
  • You could go to the store for a loaf of bread (16 cents), a pound of ground meat (50 cents), a pound of bacon (52 cents), and a dozen eggs (24 cents) and still get change from #2.00
  • Direct dial coast-to-coast telephone service begins in the U. S.
  • the 22nd Amendment (limiting presidential term of office to 8 years) is ratified
  • first nuclear bomb test at Nevada test site
  • The term Rock N Roll is coined by Cleveland Disc Jockey Alan Freed
  • The Dennis the Menace comic strip appears for the first time in U. S. newspapers
  • Popular films were
  • An American in Paris
  • The African Queen
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Popular music artists included
  • Perry Como
  • Nat King Cole
  • Mario Lanza
  • Tony Bennet
  • I also share a birthday with
  • Sting
  • Phil Collins
  • Jane Seymore

I guess maybe 1951 wasn’t that bad a year.  So, what was happening the year you were born?


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7 responses to “1951

  1. Shall I say, those were the days! Life has certainly changed. I may have to check on the world the year of my birth too.

  2. Wow…1951 was a happening year! How the world has changed, too. Your post made me rather nostalgic, I have to say.

  3. Thanks…I will research and get back on a post….great idea…loaf of bread…that is crazy. My list might look pretty similar to yours 🙂 xo

  4. I love this! I have a magnet for 1929 that shares some of these interesting facts (Hold on! My dad’s birthday – NOT mine!) What a fun list / research!

  5. Judy C.

    As I’ve scrapbooked, I have checked on the happenings of the years for my husband and myself and the kids. It’s interesting to see the cost of things and what took place and a reminder of “how good we had it?”. Thanks for sharing 1951.

  6. I’m older, but my brother was born in 1950. Those years goods might have seemed cheap, but remember that salary. My first teaching contract was for 3000. We thought we were so rich! Sorry you lost sleep, but it produced a great post!

  7. What a fun post! I’m always fascinated by music (family trait), so when I was born it was Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Rod Stewart. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, here’s to better sleep!

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