On Rocks and Stones


Have you ever given much thought to rocks or stones?  They can be quite fascinating.  I have seen huge boulders that were dug up from yards and then used as a focal point in a garden.   With the right kinds of flowers growing around them they make for attractive yard art.

On a smaller scale, I have seen rock gardens.  Again, the way some people use rocks and stones is quite artistic.  Some talented people even paint stones to look like animals…cats, dogs, etc.  There are even books out there on how to paint animals on stones. I know, because Kathy has one.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was to find a small flat stone and skim it across a body of water.  In my case it was the water that filled the coal holes behind where we lived.  I know that playing near these was not the wisest thing to do.  My friends and I would see who could get the most skips out of his stone.  Of course it all depended on the stone, the angle it was thrown, and the force behind the throw.

Then there are the colorful stones that people use in fish tanks.  Some fish just seem to blend into the surroundings making it fun to try to spot them.

How many young children had rock collections?  I never did, but I remember some of my friends bringing their collection to school and showing it off.  Really neat!

There is one more stone I want to mention before I end.  It is not very big.  In fact, it is quite small.  However, it has the power to bring a grown man to his knees.  It has the power to turn clear liquid red.  My mother had them.  My brother had them.  Now, I found out that I also have one.  I am sure you know by know that  I am talking about a kidney stone.  To paraphrase Lady Macbeth, “Out, damned stone.  Out I say…”


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14 responses to “On Rocks and Stones

  1. Well, I wasn’t expected THAT kind of stone at all! Oh no. What’s that they say? This, too, shall pass….

  2. Hope you won’t leave that stone unturned. 🙂 Really though, I’m sorry for your pain. What a fun way to deliver your punch line.

  3. I know kidney stones are no joke, but your delivery was was rock solid, I admit I smiled at your making a pebble out of a mountain.

  4. Hoping that your speedy recovery is just a stone’s throw away! I love rocks, but you surprised me with the turn you took in this slice.

  5. Lucky for me I have never experienced that and I hope I never will. I love the way you add a twist to your writing. You are very clever and it shows through your writing. I am usually quite entertained when I read your posts! I hope you are feeling much better soon!

  6. Judy C.

    Well, I truly had no idea where you were heading with your piles of stones. I was thinking that you could come to Arkansas and get lots of stones, rocks and boulders to start your own collection. Hopefully, this too will pass quickly and not too painfully.

  7. Great ending. Like other commenters, I was wondering where you were going and certainly did not expect where I was taken. I have heard the experience is horrific. I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

  8. Well, what a surprise, and I think not such a good one. I was all set to share my love of stones and rocks, but not that one. Best wishes to you, hope all disappears very fast!

  9. Reading along so innocently, then BAM! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  10. My daughter has a small collection of beach rocks from our travels to Ogunquit, ME. She loves taking them out to play beach at home. (She wants sand, but that’s not happening indoors.) Your post made me wonder whether or not she’ll add to this ‘collection’ next summer.

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