Surviving Losses


Anytime we suffer a loss it is difficult.  Suffering two losses in the same week is catastrophic.  It is true that we sometimes take for granted what is always there and don’t always appreciate what is a big part of our lives until it is gone.

This past week I lost two near and dear friends.  There was Rita.  Kathy and I spent many happy times at Rita’s.  Just making the turn onto her street filled me with joy.  When I saw her red and white striped sign with the green banner containing the words Rita’s Ice -custard-Happiness my mouth started to water.

What flavors of Italian Ice would Rita be offering today?  I didn’t just want the ice.  Oh no, I wanted t0 upgrade to a gelati – creamy frozen custard with any flavor of Italian ice they had that day…peach, blueberry, strawberry, mango.  I like the fruit flavors.

Now, sadly, Rita has closed her doors for the season.  Sunday was her last day and of course I was there to say good-bye.  I miss her already.  I know that Rita will be back on the first day of Spring offering free ices to all with a gelati upgrade for only one dollar.  I will be there along with what seems like the rest of the county.

I did say that I suffered a second loss as well.  This one was a lot closer to home.  In fact, it was just up the street within walking distance from our house – The All Stars Ice Cream Shop.  There soft serve cones made refreshing treats on hot summer evenings.  Every Saturday on my way to the grocery store I would check to see what their flavor of the week was.  There were four on their rotation.  Orange might be followed by teaberry which could be followed by black raspberry and ending with peanut butter.  Black raspberry was my favorite.  I always got the twist because then there was vanilla and black raspberry swirled together.  What a great combination.

All Stars closed for the season at the end of last week.  They ended with black raspberry.  What a way to go.

I know that they will also open again next spring and the flavor rotation will begin once again.  I must be strong and survive until then.  But how?

I guess I could go to Dairy Queen.  I do like their chocolate covered cherry blizzards.  I could check the weekly Redner’s ad to see which brand of ice cream is on sale.  I could condition myself into believing that it is winter and too cold to eat ice cream.  It is only six months until Spring.  I can tough it out.  I am strong.  I think there is a container of Turkey Hill in the freezer that is calling out to me.


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7 responses to “Surviving Losses

  1. Love this! I felt my heart sink thinking two very close friends had died. Then, as I realized what really happened to Rita my heart rose a little. Dare I hope? I worried a moment that the second loss might be a person but was greatly relieved to see it wasn’t. I can see why you mourn the (temporary) loss of two such important community members.

  2. Sweet icy delicacies are near and dear to my heart. I feel your pain. So glad the spring will bring those lovely treats back. And no, winter is not too cold for ice cream. Hang in there.

  3. Judy C.

    Yesterday, we had sad news about losing a dear friend and so I could feel your pain. I’m glad that your pain will be short lived, as winter will pass quickly and they will bring back much joy into your life. Yes, there is always Dairy Queen (which is all we have available locally). Hang in there.

  4. My heart got a workout with this piece, which is exactly what you intended. 🙂 How cruel for your frozen treat stands to close so early! I’m sure you will find some other delectable treat to fill the void.

  5. You caught me! I was feeling sad when I saw your title….then…after reading a bit realized your topic. I know…this is a great loss for you. I have learned your love for ice creams….but so glad that you will only have to suffer until spring. And…at least there is a Dairy Queen to hold you until then. BTW our Shivers closed this week too…..and Ray and I were both a bit distressed.

  6. All this wonderful description about ice cream has me longing for some…there goes the diet!

  7. Like the others, I was so concerned about your loss of two near and dear friends, and then I got It. I’ve never been an ice cream person, but my daughter introduced me to fabulous NY ice cream this summer. Could make a lover of ice cream out of me, but it’s definitely a summer indulgence!

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