A Full Calendar

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I am glad that I have a calendar on the refrigerator to tell me where I’m supposed to be and when I am to be there.  Without it I would be lost and I would also be missing out on many things.

At the beginning of each month I wipe the slate clean and fill in the happenings for the month ahead.  Somehow, the calendar looks pretty empty with just haircut appointments and Kathy’s quilt guild meeting.  We also have the occasional doctor’s appointment.

However, as the month progresses, more things pop up and are added to the calendar.  This month is a prime example.  I had the basics written on it.  Then I remembered that it is Food Pantry month.  Had to add that and also had to add “make lemon bars” to the day before.  We like to eat after the bags are packed and before we open for business.  Funny, though—I’m the only one who brings food.  I don’t really mind because the workers like them and look forward to them every two months.

Then Kathy reminded me that there are two quilt shows this month—one in Reading and one in Oaks.   At least they are a week apart.  One (Reading) is a local guild.  Their members are active and there are also many lovely quilts to see.  They also have great soups and other good food for lunch.

The Oaks show is more of a national show.  Kathy really likes that show because of the vendors.  Anything new on the market can usually be found there.  Another big draw is their lunch buffet.  By now most of you know that I like to eat.

The same weekend as Oakes, we are having a Craft Faire in the park right across the street from our house.  This has really grown since it first began many years ago.  There are some vendors we look forward to each year just to see what they have that is new.  There is also a stand that sells the best bean soup around (yeah, food again).  We usually get several quarts to freeze so we can have them throughout the year.

I may or may not make the Craft Faire this year because on the same day I am presenting and mentoring some new fellows enrolled in the Capital Area Writing Project’s Writing Institute.  I am looking forward to this because we are trying a new approach to this.

We just found out on Sunday that our church is hosting a parish appreciation dinner later this month.  So this is something else that had to be added to the quickly filling calendar.   This is always a nice way to get together with people we only see and talk to briefly with after church.  Besides, there is food involved.

When I look at the calendar now, what was pretty empty is now pretty full.  Who knows, maybe next month will be quieter although I doubt it since it is our anniversary month.


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6 responses to “A Full Calendar

  1. Judy C.

    I’m with you on the calendar – we keep ours on the computer. It’s nice because I can add the recurring items once and they automatically show up the next month. But, I too, find it interesting when I think there isn’t anything going on and all of a sudden it’s full. What did we do when we were working full time?

  2. You are one busy couple! Just by having a few interests, you are on the go all the time. It’s a good thing they all have something worthy of eating, otherwise where would be the fun? Your calendar is just perfect. 🙂

  3. Full of great things, I’d say! And great meals, too. 🙂

  4. It indeed sounds like a full month, & that bean soup sounds wonderful (it’s about dinner time as I’m commenting!) Hope you enjoy every bit of it!

  5. You do have a full month. I’m always exhausted in September. We go from no plans to the “everything starts up again in September” hustle. I have to rebuild my stamina, just like the kids.

  6. I just looked at my calendar this morning and found the same thing. It looked empty last week and now it is getting full. I imagine that your next couple of months are going to be busy. Isn’t it amazing that in retirement that people think there will be so much idle time? We have found just the opposite…and it sounds like you have too. Enjoy the bean soup and quilt shows. Hope to see some more quilt pictures.

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