Beginning Year Two

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new school year for students in our area.  For me, however, it marked the beginning of my second year  of retirement.  What a change from last year at this time.

Last year I was all excited about what I considered to be my first day of retirement.  I had things all planned out.   I would stay in bed until I felt like getting up, even if I was not sleeping.  I would just luxuriate being be bed, listening to the sounds of birds planning their day, not listening for school buses go by the house, and just enjoying the fact that I didn’t need to get up and moving.

The day would be spent doing nothing at all, something I just couldn’t do when I was working.  For dinner I had made reservations for Kathy and me at the Harvest at the Hotel Hershey.  There was a chocolate martini just waiting for me there.

This year was totally different.  Instead of staying in bed I was up at 8:00– I know that is late for those who had to be at school by 7:15.  Instead of relaxing and doing nothing, I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned so I spent part of the first day of my second year of retirement with my dental hygienist.

We didn’t go out for dinner last night, however we did have some left over meat loaf in the freezer.  This was fine with me because meat loaf is one of my favorite meals, in fact, any ground meat meal is one of my favorite meals.

Things will be different today.  I have an appointment with my dermatologist.  I can’t wait for him to look me over an tell me that I have added a few more “old age spots”  (not the clinical name, of course) to my body.  Just the kind of news I love hearing.  However, as long as he doesn’t tell me that some look suspicious and should be biopsied, I ‘a OK with that.

To make up for this indignity, Kathy and I are going to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner afterward.  I have a coupon for a buy one get 50% off a second meal that expires today.  Can’t let that happen.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that I have settled quite nicely into retirement.  Although I really enjoyed teaching, I am not ready to go back.


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5 responses to “Beginning Year Two

  1. Sounds like you’ve adjusted nicely. It’s amazing to discover what can fill your days when you don’t go to school. I marvel at the people out and about, mot days I’m surprised to find myself one of them.

  2. I, too, have settled easily in retirement…even though I loved working with kids. Getting up at 5:00 am is something now do, only if I have an early flight to catch…and then I wonder why I scheduled tickets at that hour. I am glad you have enjoyed retirement. You have found a lot of interests to follow, and so glad you are doing your blog as part of them.

  3. Judy C.

    Sounds like you have adjusted nicely to retirement. Even though I’m retired for the most part, I just can’t stay in bed. I love my early morning hours to myself. At the end of this year, I will be fully retired, but I still don’t foresee late morning sleep ins. Enjoy your leisure. Like so many other retirees, I’m sure you wonder how you ever found the time to work!

  4. Not retired yet, but working part-time has meant much more freedom to do other things. You make me feel like it’s going to be okay, and I’m so happy it’s okay with you. Have a nice week!

  5. Ramona

    This is my first year of retirement. It’s good to hear from others about this journey. My good friend wanted to throw me a retirement party – we’re having it on the first day of school. I want to spend the first real day of retirement celebrating with friends. I fear that if I stayed home to do nothing, I’d end up moping.

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