Return of the Polar Vortex


No!  It can’t be! I’m not ready for this.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the headline in Sunday’s paper…”Polar Vortex Expected to Return in September.”  It’s still summer.  How can they be talking about cold weather already?

Then I started reading the article.  It stated, and I quote, “The upcoming autumn months in the Northeast may be quite a bit colder than normal according to one long-range forecast, but then again, they may be warmer, according to another forecast.”

Huh?  Which is it?  I could say the same thing, “It might be cold or it might be ward.”  Does that make me a weather forecaster? The uncertainty is making my head spin.  Should I break out sweaters and sweats early or keep my shorts and tees handy?  There is only so much closet space.  Do I turn off the central air in favor of heat or just throw an extra blanket and cat on the bed?  Should I put the lawn mower away and get out the snow shovels?

It’s no wonder I wake up with a headache.  I am too old for all of this.  This makes me glad that I am retired.  How could I possibly develop lesson plans, engage my students in meaningful learning activities, and keep up a brave front knowing that at any minute we will be assaulted once again by the dreaded Polar Vortex.

I know.  I will take a lesson from the bears.  I will bury myself under heaps of covers and hibernate until the threat of the Polar Vortex in gone.  If I do, this might be my last SOL post for several months.  I hope you all enjoy the Polar Vortex.  I plan on sleeping right through it…maybe. 


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8 responses to “Return of the Polar Vortex

  1. I am not a fan of warm weather, so I am celebrating the return of the polar vortex. I get to wear sweaters and wool socks. I can hardly wait.

  2. Lisa

    OH NO! I believe it though. It is already cold here. We have been wearing jackets and socks already. 😦

  3. Not ready for cold! Cool is ok – a long cool fall so I can finish garden work that got left behind when the heat and bugs took over a few weeks ago.

    There are lots of good books coming out this fall – be sure to stock up and take them with you under those blankets!

  4. Jaana

    If we all lifted our hand up and made really loud blowing noises, do you think we could push the jet stream further north? That could be one way to avoid a visit from the Polar Vortex…..

  5. Oh no….don’t hibernate yet…or ever. I enjoy reading your blog posts! I think we are due for a number of warm weeks. I rather like the cool weather, but hope the winter is not like last year. Poor Ray spent many days with the snow blower.

  6. I agree with your ideas about the weather people. I dutifully watch, but it doesn’t alway arrive just the way they “predict”. Definitely I would go with the extra cover and cat on the bed. Sounds great.

  7. I pay far too much attention to the weather man, unfortunately. Not that it prepares me for anything, however…

  8. I feel your frustration! I feel like the weather people are almost always wrong. Do they just guess??

    There was a trace of humor or sarcasm in this Slice that I appreciated, too – your voice really came through!

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