A Pleasant Surprise


Last week Kathy and I spent a day in NYC.  Since my birthday is on the 4th and hers is on the 9th, we usually pick the Wednesday between them for our annual overnight in New York City.  With the cats we can’t really go any longer without having to board them.

Our trip always includes two Broadway shows.  This year was no exception.  We saw Bullets Over Broadway in the afternoon and Aladdin in the evening.  Bullets was a riot.  It was one of those shows where you just go to the theatre not expecting anything and thoroughly enjoy the show.  Too bad it is closing in a few weeks.

Aladdin was pure Disney.  I highly recommend this if only to see the magic carpet with Aladdin and Jasmine seated on it fly around the stage.  We really enjoyed the show.

Between shows we went for dinner.  We usually like to eat at Sofia’s on 46th street.  After doing an internet search I found that the restaurant had closed due to the high rent they were being charged.  Where would we eat now?

After checking out several places, all of which had one seating available for the time we needed, we found City Lobster and Steak on 49th street.  I happen to like seafood so this was fine with me.  They had a 5:30 opening which gave us plenty of time to walk there from 44th street, have an enjoyable non-rushed dinner, and then walk back down to 42nd street for out evening show.  They even had a meal deal that included appetizer, main course, and dessert for one price.

My calamari, Maryland crab cakes, and key lime pie were delicious.  Kathy enjoyed her corn, crab, and clam chowder, steak Oscar, and warm fruit cobbler as well. We j\had a really nice waitress.  She talked with us,  checked on our meal, served with a smile, and kept an eye on how we were doing without constantly being at out table constantly…all of the things I like when I an eating out.

Because of her excellent service I did leave a nice tip.  As I was finishing my coffee the waitress came over and asked us if we were in a hurry to leave.  Not sure why she asked I told her that we had tickets for an 8:00 show, but since it was on;u 7:00 we were in no rush.  She then said that she would like to treat us to glass of champagne.  This was totally unexpected.  I didn’t see anyone else getting a free drink.  She didn’t know we were celebrating birthdays because we didn’t mention it to her when we ordered.  

Of course we didn’t turn it down.  Only when brought the glasses out, they were a full serving size and not just a little sample glass, we told her what we were celebrating.  This really capped off a perfect dinner.  Nice things do happen.


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9 responses to “A Pleasant Surprise

  1. Cheers! What a lovely way to celebrate your birthdays!

  2. What a special treat! And I don’t mean just the champagne. Your entire day sounds like an absolute delight! I’m jealous!

  3. Judy C.

    Those little RAK’s just really make everything brighter. Sounds like you & Kathy had a delightful celebration all around!

  4. Oh what a genuinely happy surprise! Nice brings nice…

  5. Happy belated birthday! You have such a nice tradition for your birthday celebration.

  6. What a delightful birthday! Have a happy and healthy year.

  7. What a great city for celebrations. My birthday was right in between the two of you, on the 7th. This year we were in Portland, Maine. Interesting change from NYC. Glad you had a great time!

  8. I love random acts of kindness! I hope the rest of your outing was as wonderful as your dinner! Happy birthday to both of you.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening. Happy birthday(s)!

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