They (I’ve always wondered who the infamous “they” are) say that with age comes wisdom.  Well, here I sit, one year older (as of yesterday) than I was when I posted last Tuesday.  If the above statement is true, then I must be wiser than I was.  Keeping that in mind, I felt that I needed to write something profound today…something that would show off my new wisdom.  I didn’t have to search far for my topic.

Kathy and I were sitting at the table having breakfast, she with her Raisin Bran and me with my Cap’n Crunch (you can tell who the healthy eater is).  I looked down at my cereal and the blueberries I added and it came to me.  Get ready …here it comes…blueberries floating in milk are like icebergs!  How’s that for being profound?

Did you ever notice that you can’t really tell the size of a blueberry until you spoon it up?  All you see is the tip.  It could be a small berry or it could be a plump juicy one.  There is no way to tell because all you see is the top poking out of the milk.  Isn’t that just like an iceberg?  You don’t know what’s lurking beneath the surface because all you see in the tip.

Along with this profound statement I feel that I also must add some thought provoking questions as well.  After all, doesn’t a wise person encourage others to think, ask further questions, and discuss options?  So here goes.  

We all know that eating fruit is healthy…ergo the blueberries in my Cap’n Crunch.  Strawberries are a fruit.  They are healthy.My question is if I eat a piece of strawberry shortcake does that count as a serving of fruit?  I can just imagine the philosophical discussions that can be had on this topic.

Along the same lines here is thought provoking question number two.  Vegetables are also healthy.  Beans are a vegetable I happen to like.  Coffee comes from beans so, is drinking a cup of coffee equivalent to eating a serving of vegetables?

Since I don’t want to overload anyone with any more profound statements or thought provoking questions I am going to stop here.  I guess it is true, wisdom does come with age…or is it dementia?






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10 responses to “Wisdom?

  1. Ha! Happy Birthday a day late! With age comes some wisdom & some knowledge of what wisdom isn’t! Love the blueberries with Cap’n Crunch-so be it! And of course, strawberry short cake is so-o-o good. I always thought the same about apple pie! Sorry, I researched for you, but coffee beans, although with the same common name, are not in the same family as beans like pinto beans. Coffee doesn’t count-sob!

  2. I like your thinking about both the coffee and the strawberry shortcake. I’ll just add that chocolate comes from a bean, too, so it must also be a vegetable! Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh – I love the chocolate as a vegetable! I can count those little bits of chocolate I sneak each day as health! Thanks for your shared wisdom this morning!

  4. Your thoughts and observations are always profound and so enjoyable! Now also consider this, you must get daily doses of calcium, so the whipping cream on the strawberry shortcake is helping to fill your daily requirement too. Right? Hope it was a great birthday and you celebrated with all the important vegetables of life. 🙂

  5. Happy belated birthday! My friend from kindergarten was born nine days after me…so I always send her a card from her ‘wiser friend’….as for the vegies and fruits…you sound like my husband. But I figure eating fruit and vegetables…in any way is good. I especially like Elsie’s thoughts about the calcium we all need…and how the whipping cream is a source for that. I enjoyed your thought provoking post today…it got me thinking…:-)

  6. Jaana

    Blueberries and strawberry shortcake are always needed. Their nutritional value is profound! There are few beans that I like, but a favorite of mine, is always, coffee beans (just not covered with chocolate).

  7. Happy Birthday, a few days late. Based on your musings here, I think that wisdom has come with age. Deep thoughts! I definitely agree that coffee and chocolate are both veggies. They must be – they are so good and veggies are good for you, right?

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