Thank You

I really don’t have a topic to write about today so I thought I would just take the time to say “Thank You” to some people.  

First of all, I can’t believe that I have been posting on TWT for a year now.  I never thought I would be doing something like this.  This would not have happened without my friend Cindy Minnich urging me to try.  Cindy is the one who helped me set up a Word Press account at the end of June last year.  I knew what blogging was, but never got involved.  

Cindy had be after me for a while to get an account so last year I finally gave in and opened one.  Thank you, Cindy.  She is also the one who told me to check out Two Writing Teachers, especially the Tuesday Slice of Life.  She told me I didn’t need to post immediately but could just hang out and read what was happening.

All of July I kind of stalked the site reading Tuesday slices and getting to know people by what they wrote.  I still didn’t take the plunge of writing and publishing that first post.  

Finally, in the beginning of August I decided to try posting.  I admit that I was nervous.  What would I write about?  Would anyone bother to read it?  Who would care what I have to say.  Why am I posting on a site for educators when I was retired and had no more contact with the profession.

When I had the piece written I hit the publish key before I could change my mind and chicken out.  Of course, not knowing what I was doing I didn’t publish the link.  So, my next “Thank You” goes to Stacey for pointing out that I didn’t include the link and then posting it for me.

Now, would anyone read what I wrote and comment on it?  Yes.  I was overwhelmed by the welcomes and encouragement I received from this great community.  So my next “Thank You” goes to all of you who have read my posts, commented on them, and given me encouragement to continue posting, especially during the March challenge when I didn’t think I could come up with a topic for 31 straight days. I admit that some posts were better than others.  Some made me think why did I ever write that?  Hey, isn’t that what writing is all about anyway?  I feel lucky to be part of such a sharing and caring community.

Lastly, how can I not thank the hosts at TWT (Stacey, Tara, Anna, Beth, Betsy,Dana) for hosting this site.

Thank you all for accepting me into this wonderful community of writers and educators.  I know that I will continue to post on Tuesdays even though I never know what I will write about until I sit down and start to compose.


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12 responses to “Thank You

  1. Amy Miller

    Thank you for being one of my new heroes! I love it that even though you are retired, you still consider yourself a member of that club of “educators.” It just confirms for me that it gets into your blood. I am approaching the second half of my career, and quite frankly the thought of ever retiring scares me just a bit. And then here you are, learning new things and giving me hope 🙂 Maybe retirement will be just another wonderful journey someday.

  2. I am sure your experience sounds familiar to many of us who come to TWT on
    Tuesdays. Today was post 202 for me. Never would have thought about that
    When I started with my first March challenge in 2012. I, too, am thankful for all
    in this community who write, read and comment.

  3. What an encouraging post. I too felt like you until my junior high school music teacher (now a published author) encourage me to try blogging first. I did and the response has been so wonderful. Sometimes we don’t get to write those power stories but they mean something to us and we want to share. Keep writing!!!

  4. Congratulations on making it through the first year! Now, it’s onward to new things, isn’t it? It’s so great that you wrote a thank you to everyone. I am grateful every week for this community & miss everyone when I’m away & cannot participate.

  5. So glad Cindy encouraged and you took the plunge. I’ve learned all sorts of new things from you. Your sense of humor is especially fun. Keep writing, you know I’ll be waiting to read. 🙂

  6. If learning doesn’t end when you finish school, then clearly there must be educators out there to teach. Lovely thank yous to those well deserving of them. Thank you for hanging in there and reaching your first anniversary mark. Congrats!

    • Raivenne, thank you for your comment. I hope I am never finished learning. There is so much I don’t know and so much I will never know, but I will never stop learning and trying something new.

  7. Judy C.

    Congratulations on writing and sharing for the past year. I have enjoyed getting to know you thru your slices. I truly understand your trepidation of hitting that publish key. My daughter encouraged and helped me get started 3 years ago (never did I think that I would have something to write about each week and 31 days in March!). Happy slicing!

  8. Congrats! What a fun little slice to remember your journey! Keep on writing!

  9. I am so glad I am reading your blog posts. I love your humor and your topics are always interesting. I am glad I am following your blog because I had tried to post a blog yesterday and couldn’t….so at least I got to read yours. I hope you continue to write.

  10. I wasn’t sure how you came to find our challenge, Bob. I’m so glad Cindy encouraged you to join us on Tuesdays! Hope you’ll keep joining us each week (and again in March)!

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