Uncharted Waters

If you have been following some of my posts, you already know that I am not the handiest person when it comes to household projects.  Why, then, am I attempting to do what I have planned for today?  I might not survive the experience.

A few years ago, after major flooding, we gutted and redid the entire the entire basement.  It is now a usable space.  In the remodeling, we sectioned off a space and made a craft room for Kathy.  This is her retreat for quilting. As part of her room we put in a 10’closet to house her batting, works in progress, completed projects, and kits.  These things were just stored in plastic bins stacked one on top of another.  She didn’t know what kind of closet system she wanted and we weren’t about to go out and buy one until she was sure of what she wanted.

She finally decided on a closet maid organizer that will fit the bill, so we bought it.  It has been sitting nicely in its box for several weeks.  Yesterday Kathy decided that it is time to put it up.  I opened the box and checked the directions.  Everything looks so nice and fits so well in its packaging.  I really hate to disturb the pieces and take them out of the box.

According to the directions, all I need is a step stool, a level, a power drill, a flat head screwdriver, and a phillips head screwdriver.  I thought phillips was a seafood restaurant at the harbor in Baltimore.  I do happen to have all of the tools required.  Now I just need to be brave enough to tackle the project.  Hopefully if I start early enough I should have it finished by dinner time.

According to the directions, I need to make sure that at least one support is secured in a stud.  I don’t know any studs and wouldn’t he be upset if I attached a support rail to him?  Luckily we are doing the 6 foot configuration for the closet so I won’t need to cut any of the pieces.  At least I know I won’t need a flying trip to the emergency room because I cut my hand with a saw.

I guess I had better get started because there are other things I need to accomplish today.  Tomorrow Kathy and I help out at the local food pantry and I always make lemon bars to take for the workers.  They like to eat and they like anything lemon.  Umm…what is more important – installing a closet organizer for my wife or making lemon bars for the food pantry workers?


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7 responses to “Uncharted Waters

  1. I think you know the answer to your question, therefore you probably won’t have much time today for reading slices and leaving comments. I’ll be thinking of you and perhaps this activity will be continued into next week’s slice with a picture to show your skill.

  2. love your comment about everything looking so nice in the box and hating to disturb it- laughed out loud knowing so well how that feels. I feel that way about material that I buy and THINK I am going to attempt to sew- it is so pretty just the way it is.
    My husband is the builder in our house and he has an electronic stud finder (always make a few jokes when we need to use it) – this part of the process is REALLY important- don’t skip it. 🙂

  3. I vote for the lemon bars, every time, except when I’m the one waiting for the closet organizer! If your writing is any indication, you will do a great job installing the closet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lemon bars!!! I will pay extra to have anything assembled. The last time I tried to follow directions and put together a vacuum cleaner we had a short and blew out a fuse. So – make those lemon bars and set your handiest friend to the task!

  5. Judy C.

    I hope that your project went according to plan (especially the lemon bars). I’m sure Kathy was there helping you with the assembly. With projects like that, two heads and four hands are better. Looking forward to next week’s slice with the finished project!

  6. Jaana

    I am staring at a brown box that houses the pieces for a bookcase (from Ikea trip a few months ago). Perhaps I should make some lemon bars too….they could inspire me to assemble something….

  7. I can’t wait to hear how this project went….and if you were able to find any willing studs? Lemon bars sound yummy…what lucky workers to get such treats.

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