Taking Care of Business

This week there were a lot of loose ends flying around out there that had to be taken care of.The biggest thing I needed to take care of was making last minute arrangements for our Young Writers Academy which begins next Monday.

Looking at the numbers what sessions would be a go and what sessions would need to be cancelled?  Could some of the sessions with low enrollment be combined into one group.  Which teachers would be a good fit as co-instructors for a session?  Looking at the supply list from each teacher what can be consolidated and shared so that we don’t over order things.  Do the teachers have all of the information they need from me to make their week run smoothly?  Hopefully I have addressed all of these issues and things will run smoothly next week.

The next loose end I needed to tie up was not nearly as earth shattering.  It involved our annual trip to NYC.  I already had theatre tickets for Kathy and me, but I didn’t have a room for the night or our train tickets.  Although I could have waited to take care of these I wanted to do it now and then not have to worry about it.  Well, we have a room booked at the Marriott Marquis on 46th street for the night.  We also have our train tickets leaving Middletown at 9:10 Wednesday morning and then leaving NYC 2:10 Thursday afternoon.  Now I just have to wait a month until our trip.

The final thing I needed to take care or was to get the grass cut.  This might not sound like much, but we had rain every single day last week so the grass was always wet.  I couldn’t run the mower because it would just clog and probably pull out clumps of grass.  To make matters worse, I treated the grass with Scott’s Weed and Feed which made the grass grow that much faster and taller.  Glad to say this was taken care of yesterday.  Luckily I finished before last night’s thunder storm rolled through the valley.

The next two days will be spent quietly because of Friday there is a quilt show in York that Kathy wants to go to.  Dinner out on Friday…I guess I can handle that.



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6 responses to “Taking Care of Business

  1. Funny, I wrote about loose ends today too! There’s always something.

  2. I just got home, & am leaving again tomorrow-talk about loose ends! Glad all of yours were ‘tied off’, especially the grass! It’s nice to look forward to a trip, too. You’ve described our days of summer!

  3. Ah, loose ends! So much to complete!! Happy you tied them all up and enjoy the calm days ahead! 🙂

  4. I cannot wait to hear about your Young Writers Academy – my prediction is that it’s going to be amazing.

  5. It feels good when things are taken care of. Now you can enjoy what you have planned and organized. It’s good you have included both work and pleasure in your days ahead.

  6. Jaana

    I just used your blog as an example for someone who is not a teacher, but is considering starting a blog! Hope you had an enjoyable quilt show and dinner!

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