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I think my mind is on vacation today.  This piece really has no point nor does it tackle any major issues.  It just is.


Listening to the howling wind makes me shiver

Hands and feet are cold; insides start to quiver

With no place to go, I just want to be

To sit and relax with a hot cup of tea

Peppermint tea I think will do

The scent fills the air as it starts to brew

I carry it in to where I will sit

On my recliner to rest for a bit

Heaving a sigh I start to sink lower

Into my chair where I’ll rest for an hour

Head leaning back my eyes start to close

I sit up straight, don’t recline, try not to doze

A cup of hot tea held in my hands

The warmth of it into my stomach expands

Sip after sip seems to help me forget

All of the things I haven’t done yet

My mind becomes empty as I sit there and drink

And deeper into the chair I sink

Enjoying the moments so precious, so few

Mentally listing the things I should do

The tea is all gone; should get up, oh well

just five minutes more to relax, what the hell

Suddenly a thump and the chair tilts back

Don’t open my eyes, but I do feel a whack

A silky soft boa starts to surround

My neck and then a warm furry mound

of a pillow settles behind my head

Although in a chair, I feel like I’m in bed

I reach back, find a head, and then start to rub

Move down to the chin which he just seems to love

A purr softly starts but steadily grows

How long will it last? Only he seems to know

Something wet on my hand, warm, sticky, not cool

I guess it is true, cats really do drool

I’m writing something I don’t know how to end

Someone help me please before I jump off the deep end

This really is strange, unusual, odd

The phone starts to ring, must get up, thank God



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5 responses to “Ramblings

  1. macrush53

    Love your rumblings with a cup of tea. Taking time to write observations and the internal conversation is fun. Loved the ending.

  2. Jaana

    You might call these ramblings, but I call them poetry! Now I need to go make a cup of tea or coffee.

  3. Stream of consciousness brilliance – I had to smile at so many of these!

  4. And here I was just getting cozy, how rude to have to answer the phone! 🙂
    Some days are like this, just sit back with that tea and ponder the world around you.

  5. I smiled through this whole poem. Your words describing your kitty who joined you…and only he knew how long he would be there…so much like a cat. This reminds me of a philosophy paper I had to write in grad school and I could not get into it. I ended up writing a poem about the class…and the prof gave me an ‘A’. I like the rhyming and the rhythm of your post…almost felt I was there.
    It was a calming to my rant this morning. 🙂 Actually, I wrote that last night thinking I would not post it this morning…but did. I find if I voice my frustration then I can get back to normal 🙂 Thanks for this rambling poem…as you called it…I call it a slice of life in your morning. J

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