It Never Fails

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We knew it was going to happen.  The signs were all there, yet we hoped for the best.  A few more months…a few more weeks even.  But no, it chose last night to happen.

Do things really happen at the most inopportune time or does it just seem that way?  Is this a harbinger of what is to come or just a stand alone occurrence?  I guess I’ll fine our in the days to come.

It started off innocently enough.  I decided to go through our storage closet and be ruthless.  I took everything out, and there were four shelves packed with gizmos and things.  I put everything on the floor so Kathy and I could go through them and decide keep…donate…throw.  I started around 3:00.  While I emptied the shelves Kathy decided to do some laundry.  This way we both got things accomplished and she was able to help me with the decision making during washing, drying, and folding.

We finished around 6:00 and decided to have some dinner…the washer and dryer were still doing their thing.  For some reason the clothes were taking longer to dry than normal.  We have been having this problem for a while and knew we would need a new dryer soon.

It was now 9:00.  There was one load in the dryer and one more awaiting its turn for some tumbling fun.  The dryer beeped signaling it was finished.  I told Kathy I would get the clothes out and put the last load in.  I opened the dryer and reached in to get the first item. It was still wet.  This was after 80 minutes of drying time.  

Oh, no!  A wet dryer load and still one more load of clothes to dry.What to do!  We decided to put them in a basket and take them to the local laundromat.  This is not a place we frequent so we had no idea if it was still open…it is not a 24 hour service.  Luckily we had until 10:00 to do this.  We finished with 10 minutes to spare.

So, my question is, did the dryer know that we were tired and that is why it chose the time to stop working.  Somewhere in its mechanical brain was it laughing at the quandary it put us in?  More frightening, to me at least, since things usually happen in threes, do I have two more dead appliances to look forward to in the near future?

I’ll give you three guesses as to what we will be shopping for today and the first two won’d count.


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5 responses to “It Never Fails

  1. How frustrating. And you are right: things really happen at the most inopportune time.

  2. Judy C.

    Never fails. Our dishwasher did the same thing. Although I could manage to make it with the dishwasher, but not a washer or dryer. A dislike laundromats. Happy shopping!

  3. Of course, our appliances decide the “best” time to break. You said that your drier was giving you hints…and so it must been upset that you were not listening! Our washer is growling at us…has been for a couple of months…I guess we should listen to it as I know it will decide right in the middle of a soapy, wet wash that it is too tired to continue. Again…loved reading your post…and it even gave me an idea for my next post! Thanks! J

  4. Wet clothes, no dryer working, late evening, it could not get worse (well I suppose it could if it were sleeting outside). I always figure that if one of the two gives out, the other is not far behind. I hope you don’t have a cycle of three, but be prepared. You’ve been warned! 🙂

  5. My least favorite kind of shopping – but so essential. Good luck!

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