Sweet Sixteen

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Yesterday was an exciting day around here.  The quilting machine that Kathy bought two weeks ago arrived.  We had been tracking its progress across the country through the UPS tracking number.  We know when it left Utah.  We knew when it arrived in Pennsylvania.  We knew when it landed in St. C;air, 30 minutes from our house.  We knew it would be delivered yesterday, one day earlier than originally expected. We were ready,  Space was made in the room where the machine was going.

As you might imagine, Kathy got very little sleep Tuesday night.  I, on the other hand, had no difficulty sleeping at all.  Kathy was up at 6:00 Wednesday morning.  I waited until 7:00.  As you can see, everyone was in an extreme state of anticipation.  (I should have had more lights turned on in the house.)

Image          Image   

 Image           Image        

I knew that nothing was going to be delivered this early, so I made a suggestion, “Let’s have some breakfast.”  Three guesses as to who were the first three out in the kitchen.  My philosophy is when you don’t quite know what to do, eat.  After breakfast we checked the tracking information again and saws that the machine was loaded on the truck at 8:10 and would be delivered before the end of the day.  I figured that the truck had several stops to make between St. Clair and here so it would probably be after lunch til it got here.  I decided to write my post for the day, print out an agenda for a upcoming PCTELA meeting I am going to, and get ready for a Google hangout session that afternoon with our Writing Project Leadership team.

Around 12:15 we heard a truck pull in next to out driveway.  It was Mr. UPS.


The UPS man brought all six boxes onto the porch and I lugged them inside.

Image         Image       

Now it was time to unpack all of the boxes.

Image With all of the parts scattered around me the next step was to figure out how to add the extension to the right side if the table and then put the machine in place.  I guess I had better read the directions.  This took about 20 minutes…not bad for me.


I did my part.  The machine is set up and in place.  Now it is up to Kathy to learn how to use it.  I know she will.  I wish her many happy quilting hours at her new machine.




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7 responses to “Sweet Sixteen

  1. I smiled reading this whole post. Your kitties are beautiful as is Kathy. Love her smile. I was so glad that you were able to assemble it with no major problems….and reading the directions is helpful. I see a guitar in the background…who plays? Ray and I both play…but Ray is much better, I hope Kathy enjoys making many quilts…each of them having its own story.

  2. This was great.from the title, I was expecting news about a Sweet Sixteen party. This was so much better. It is exciting to follow a package’s progress. I think this anticipation is better than it used to be, when fingers were crossed and things were shipped, arriving on some unknown date in the future. Goos job getting the sewing machine set up and best wishes on the quilting!

  3. The waiting and anticipation early in the morning was all worth it. May the quilting fun begin!

  4. Oh my, so many boxes! Good thing they all arrived at the same time. I guess this was easier than changing the light? At least you didn’t have to turn the power off for this. Looks good, now we eagerly await Kathy’s first quilt from this sweet machine.

  5. Sweet anticipation! Of course, cats have no use for that! The rest of us enjoyed it. Now we look forward to the coming creations!

  6. Oh, happy day! I loved the way you told the story, with all the building anticipation.

  7. Jaana

    I remember the post you first wrote about this! Fun to see it all put together. Now I will wait to see the pics of art created using this new machine!

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