Just Hangin’ Around

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Hangout – getting together with friends; a place where people meet.

Hangout is something we did as kids.  We would “hangout” at a friends house.  We would go to our “hangout” which was a tree house, and I use that term loosely, down behind the railroad tracks.  We could spend hours just sitting around talking, fighting …in fun, of course…making plans, etc.

Somehow hanging out or going to a hangout received a negative connotation.  Only troublemakers hung out. A hangout was a place you went to smoke.  Surely if you saw a group of teenagers you knew that there was trouble brewing.

As we aged, we no longer hung out.  Instead, we would just get together, go out in a group, meet at a friend’s house to celebrate some event.  This is much more refined than simple just “hanging out”.

Well,today I am reverting back to my youth.  I am going to simply hangout at a hangout I have never visited before – Google  Hangouts.  I don’t know Google very well.  I hope he is friendly and serves some good food. I hope I don’t get lost trying to find his place.  I am meeting with our site director to discuss some things concerning our summer Young Writers Academy and some changes to the infrastructure of our Writing Project site.

Gee, I wonder what one wears to a hangout these days?


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6 responses to “Just Hangin’ Around

  1. Sorry – I don’t think he serves food. Let us know how you like the hang out.

  2. Again, your blog made me smile. I have not tried the Google Hangout, but I think my nephew was talking about it once. I will be interested in how it was…hanging out. Also interested in hearing about the Young Writers Academy. Good luck!

  3. I bet you could wear your pjs in this hangout, that’s the best kind. Have fun hanging out and getting your plans made. Fun thinking on that term “hangout.”

  4. I have never tried Google hangout. Funny to read ‘hangout’ , ‘director’ and ‘academy” in the same paragraph.

  5. Google hangouts are fun – you get to work in your jammies, and feel awesomely productive in the most relaxed setting – you home. Have fun!

  6. I’m definitely smiling now. I haven’t tried Google Hangouts, but I do occassionally hang out with friends in person. I always dress casually for hanging out. I hope you had fun. 🙂

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